Analyst: Microsoft to lower Xbox One price tag for 10 year console cycle

Earlier this week, Microsoft abandoned a slew of unpopular and controversial policies which severely limited the use of its Xbox One and accompanying games. Fortunately, even more changes are apparently afoot in Redmond, as Microsoft may very well decide to lower the price of its next-gen console sometime in the near future.

M.O.J.O. Android console goes micro

Mad Catz Interactive has debuted an Android micro console dubbed M.O.J.O. According to Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson, the device is essentially a supercharged smart phone with no screen that plugs into your flat screen TV to bring the living room experience to mobile gaming.

Bluestacks Android console has a $129 price tag

Bluestacks has confirmed that GamePop - its upcoming Android console - will carry a price tag of $129, making the device more costly than either the Ouya or GameStick. 

AMD stock slumps

Although AMD has seen better days, the stock had quite a rally in the first half of the year. Propped up by encouraging console design wins, AMD gained 83 percent this year, but now it is tumbling back again. 

Video: Android-powered GameStick dev kit gets unboxed

PlayJam's Android-powered GameStick turned up on Kickstarter earlier this year, seeking money from the masses. 

Console game devs bailing to mobile

The lengthy last-gen console cycle and underperforming titles have created a perfect storm of uncertainty, promoting numerous game devs to abandon the once stalwart platform for mobile devices.

Is the game industry ready for "always-on" consoles?

Multiple claims that Microsoft's upcoming 720 (Next) console will require an "always-on" Internet connection for games to load have sparked both controversy and dismay in recent weeks.

Video: Android Ouya console gets benchmarked

Ouya's Android-powered console was recently benchmarked by developer James Coote and tested against a number of current-gen devices. The results?

Ouya console review round-up

The Android-powered Ouya console goes live for the masses this June, but is currently shipping to early Kickstarter backers.

Claim: Xbox 720 lacks a Blu-ray player

Microsoft remains on track to reveal its long-awaited Xbox 720 (Next) console this June at E3 2013 in Los Angeles.

Crysis 3 to push PC tech to the max

The gaming world may be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox 720 (Next), although neither will be able to match the raw horsepower of cutting-edge rigs when it comes to running Crysis 3 and up.

Sega rolls out retro console notebooks

Once upon a time, in a gaming galaxy far, far away, Sega had some of the most desirable systems on the market. That is before the Japanese-based company gracefully bowed out and left the lucrative console space to the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Claim: PlayStation 4 is 50% more powerful than the Xbox 720

There's nothing in the world that enflames hard-core fans more than claims that their beloved next-generation console isn't as powerful as the competition.

Report: PS4 and next-gen Xbox likely to start at $400

Both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 have been around for an embarrassingly long time.

Video: Ouya dev console gets unboxed

I'm sure there are more than a few people out there who wondered if Ouya would actually ever ship a game console, even if the project managed to raise millions on Kickstarter.

Ouya lines up 10 new console games

When we last checked in on the Ouya, the company had confirmed that it would be shipping the developer version of its long-awaited Android-powered console on December 28.

Wise TIVI wants to be an Android gaming contender

The upcoming Ouya console is probably the device most commonly associated with the concept of Android-powered gaming in the living room. Wise wants to change that with its TIVI.

On the future of television

When I was a kid my father bought a fancy motorized TV antenna for our roof that could rotate by turning a dial on a box sitting on top of the TV set.

Ouya clinches Final Fantasy deal

It's definitely been a busy couple of weeks for Team Ouya, which has thus far managed to raise a staggering $5,845,191 for its nascent Android-powered console on KickStarter.

Block used games on next-gen consoles? Not us, says Crytek

Rasmus Hojengaard, the director of creative development at Crytek, recently went on record as stating that used games should be blocked on next-gen consoles.