Apple's Lightning cable cloned

A Chinese company says it's been able to crack the microchip inside Apple's Lightning cable, allowing it to sell a low-cost version of the cable and dock.

Flaw found in 'faster-than-light' experiment

CERN scientists believe they've established just how neutrinos were apparently able to travel faster than light.

Microsoft Outlook hella loves Facebook

Corporate American drones may become slightly more sociable with a new Microsoft Outlook update that offers seamless integration with Facebook and Windows Live Messenger.

Apple kicks off iPad pre-order festival

Rejoice all ye Apple faithful! The long-awaited “magical” iPad is currently available for pre-order, with reservations limited to two per customer.

Microsoft goes social with Outlook 2010

Corporate drones rejoice! You will soon be able to use Microsoft Outlook to view Facebook and MySpace status updates from the privacy of your dreary cubicles!