Girl's pet monkey turns out to be new species

With its bright yellow mane, you'd think this monkey would be hard to miss. But in fact it's a species new to science - and only the second new species of African monkey to be discovered in the last 28 years.

Nintendo slammed for conflict mineral negligence

Nintendo has made no effort whatsoever to avoid the use of conflict minerals, a campaign group has claimed.

Humans helped wipe out African rainforest

The widespread disappearance of rainforest in central Africa 3,000 years ago may have been caused by human activity.

Bill forces Apple and Intel to disclose use of 'conflict minerals'

Hi-tech companies could be forced to admit whether they're buying minerals that fuel violence in Congo.

Vodafone unveils ugliest, cheapest phones

Most companies displaying their wares at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona are keen to show off the latest in sleek, sexy design, but Vodafone has decided to buck the trend by unveiling what is possibly the ugliest, clunkiest looking phone ever made.