Snow Piercer concept art makes an appearance

Snow Piercer, a high-profile sci-fi indie project, picked up serious momentum last year when Octavia Spencer joined the film’s cast. 

Concept art for RoboCop reboot blackens the armor

A plethora of RoboCop reboot images recently hit the 'Net, courtesy of a leaked concept reel. Spoilers follow.

Details emerge for Dragon Age III

Gameplay details and concept art for the fantasy adventure sequel are detailed at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Hellraiser art visits the temple of the water god

No, not that Hellraiser reboot.

This is Before Watchmen art

Before Watchmen will cover the back stories of each of the major characters in the original graphic novel.

Akira Storyboards show what could have been

A number of storyboards linked to the live-action Akira adaptation - which would have been directed by Ruairi Robinson - recently surfaced online.

The dystopian worlds of Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas - the latest Wachowski project - depicts the complex threads of a story spread across multiple centuries.