Schwarzenegger: New Conan film will be “totally believable”

The star of the long-dormant franchise offers up his thoughts on the upcoming sequel.

A look back at Carpenter's The Thing

Since we've already hit the first days of summer, it reminded me that thirty years ago we had a landmark season of genre cinema in 1982 with E.T., Tron, The Road Warrior, Star Trek II and Conan the Barbarian.

Ronan the Barbarian

We haven’t gotten a great fantasy movie in quite a while, and Conan doesn’t change that. It’s not a terrible film, as most other critics seem to want you to believe so far, but it also falls way short of the marks it set for itself.

Conan: rebooted and explained

"Our collective perception of who Conan is really changes through the decades and is not just defined by one thing alone... He needs to be updated."

The swords and stars of Conan the Adventurer

Just in time for all of the hype around the upcoming Conan film, Shout! Factory is releasing the first season of Conan the Adventurer on DVD.

Two new Conan trailers released

This weekend, Lionsgate released two new trailers for their upcoming 3D Summer tentpole, Conan the Barbarian. These aren’t the first trailers out for the film, but they are, so far, the most telling.

First real trailer for new Conan film released

A real trailer for Conan the Barbarian is finally out, and it does a good job of highlighting the film’s strong suits.

What kind of Conan do we need?

The first trailer is out for the "Conan the Barbarian" reboot. Unsurprisingly, it reveals very little.