Raspberry Pi gets a Gertboard

Gertboards for the Raspberry Pi are shipping in the wild.

Raspberry Pi Model B doubles the RAM

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular dev boards on the market for both modders and mainstream tech enthusiasts.

Xi3 modular computer hits Kickstarter

The idea that PCs aren't upgradable may come as news to long-time tech enthusiasts who are used to building and modding their own rigs.

Maingear touts slick new Alpha 24 AIO

Maingear has introduced a slick new all-in-one PC dubbed the Alpha 24 Super Stock.

Intel preps Next Unit of Computing (NUC) for October launch

Tiny Intel PCs to launch in October for around $400.

ViewSonic VSD220 is an Android-powered smart display

ViewSonic is offering up some details on its new 22-inch (21.5-inch viewable image size) Android-powered  VSD220 Smart Display.

Android-powered Mini Xplus reloads, eliminates overheating

There are currently a number of ARM-powered Android mini-PCs on the market, such as the $84 Mini Xplus which hit the streets last month under the name of Mini X.

$75 Z902 Mini Android PC is ready for pre-order

The $75 Z902 Mini Android PC is almost ready for the masses as it hits pre-order. You'd better jump on this one fast, as the price tag expected to jump to $89 once the device actually starts shipping.

Android mini PC gets Uberoid ROM, Bluetooth peripheral support

I'm really quite a fan of all the cheap and uber-mini Android PCs flooding the market. While the little PCs may not be high-quality gaming systems, they do make for perfectly reasonable media streaming platforms.

Commodore + Amiga + Mini = ?

Any geek that has been around since the 80's will remember the Commodore 64 computer. Fortunately, the company is back on the market and recently debuted its first Commodore Amiga in 20 years.

Archos 101 G9 and 80 G9 Android tablets now shipping

Archos is now shipping two new Android tablets in its G9 series - the Archos 80 G9 and Archos 101 G9. Both devices are loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.

ARM adopts 64-bit architecture

ARM has disclosed technical details about its new v8 architecture - the first to include a 64-bit instruction set - at ARM TechCon 2011 in Santa Clara, California.

Nanomagnets give food for thought about computer memories

Scientists have developed egg-shaped nanomagnets that could be used for making future low-power computer memories.

Photonic chip hits light speed

A team of international researchers has designed a photonic chip that operates on the principle of light, rather than electricity.

Intel touts "context-aware" computing at IDF 2010

IDF 2010 - Intel CTO Justin Rattner believes the future of computing lies in rich, context-driven user experiences.

Lyric optimizes flash memory with advanced probability processing

Lyric Semiconductor has introduced an error correction component for flash memory that offers a 30X reduction in die size, a 12X improvement in power consumption and a significantly higher throughput compared to current platforms.

Dropbox redefines mobile cloud computing

Dropbox has redefined mobile cloud computing with the latest iteration of Anywhere which allows users to seamlessly access and update files across a number of popular handheld devices. 

Nvidia claims Moore's law is dead...for CPUs

Nvidia's chief scientist has claimed that Moore's law is no longer applicable to the silicon world of CPUs.

Nosy Google buys Aardvark social search

Google has bought Aardvark, a social search company which allows you to badger complete strangers with stupid questions at the touch of a button.