Video: Tegatech DLI7200 dual-boots Windows and Android

This handheld device dual boots Windows and Android.

Dual-core UG007 PC-on-a-stick runs Jelly Bean

Looking for a new PC-on-a-stick that runs Google's Android OS and can stream your favorite video content?

HDMI mini-PCs promise impressive performance

The $59 RK3066 HDMI PC-on-a-stick is powered by a Rockchip RK3066 dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor.

Acer's "floating" AIO PCs run Windows 8

Acer has introduced a pair of new all-in-one computers designed specifically to run Windows 8.

Vizio goes touch with Windows 8 AIO lineup

The folks in Redmond have spent a lot of time making sure that Microsoft Windows 8 is optimized for touch navigation.

Finless ROM coded for UG802 Android mini-PC

Pre-rooted Finless ROM 1.4 OS coded for the UG802 Android mini-PC.

Xi3 modular computer hits Kickstarter

The idea that PCs aren't upgradable may come as news to long-time tech enthusiasts who are used to building and modding their own rigs.

Video: Ben Heck gets back to BASIC with new ChatPad mod

This DIY pocket comptuer runs BASIC.

Computing using water droplets

Forget optical computing or quantum computing: researchers at Aalto University have successfully used water droplets as bits of digital information.

Samsung and Maingear tout new AIO lineups

One of the fastest-growing segments of the desktop PC market is the all-in-one, a form factor popularized by Apple's OS X-powered iMac.

Android-powered Mini Xplus reloads, eliminates overheating

There are currently a number of ARM-powered Android mini-PCs on the market, such as the $84 Mini Xplus which hit the streets last month under the name of Mini X.

Android mini-PC reloads with 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 chip

A number of Android-powered mini-PCs the size of a flash drive have hit the bargain hungry market over the past year.

Hackberry A10 dev board launches for $60

It seems like the Allwinner A10 chipset is becoming the go-to processor for a new generation of low-cost Android-powered computers.

$48 mini Android PC is out in the wild

It seems like uber-mini Android-powered computers are all the rage now, with the little devices turning up left and right in the wake of the Raspberry Pi launch.

Giada i53 PC consumes only 35 W and rocks Intel Ivy Bridge power

China-based Giada is showcasing a new mini PC with sweet specs that is uber power efficient.

Motorola Lapdock turns tiny and cheap PCs into notebooks

If you enjoy computers and bare-bones hardware, odds are you've been keeping an eye on the tiny and cheap Raspberry Pi board.

VIA outs tiny cheap Android PC

If you're a big fan of the Android operating system, mainboard and small form factor PC maker VIA has a new and very cheap computer designed to run Android that might pique your interest.

Sony touts new T-Series Ultrabooks

Sony has rolled out its new Vaio T11 (11.6-inch screen) and T13 (13.3-inch display) Ultrabooks.

Intel says 75 new ultrabook designs are on the way

Intel's Ultrabook has been around for a while, but so far sales have remained lower than Santa Clara anticipated. 

Toshiba goes all-in-one with the LX815 and LX835

We rarely hear anything about traditional desktop computers anymore, unless of course Apple unveils a sleek new iMac.