HTML 5 bug allows data dumps from Mac and PC browsers

A developer recently uncovered an HTML 5 bug that could potentially allow users to be bombarded with gigabytes of useless data from rogue websites.

Curiosity rover suffers major malfunction

The Curiosity ground team has been forced to switch the Mars rover to a redundant onboard computer, thanks to a memory problem.

CoolShip Android keyboard computer reminds us of the 80's

When I was growing up back in the 80's, it seemed like all the cool computers were little more than a fat keyboard to be hooked up to a television.

Sega rolls out retro console notebooks

Once upon a time, in a gaming galaxy far, far away, Sega had some of the most desirable systems on the market. That is before the Japanese-based company gracefully bowed out and left the lucrative console space to the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

A closer look at the Measy U2C Android mini-PC

It almost seems like the Android-powered mini-PC market grows by at least a few devices per day.

Check out this Millennium Falcon PC-Mac mod

Star Wars fans! Prepare to have your geek lust stoked to the point where you may well have an aneurysm.

Intel's x86-powered NUC goes live

Interested in a small and compact computer, but don't really want an ARM-powered PC-on-a-stick like the MK802? Well, you might want to check out Intel's Unit of Computing (NUC), which is now available for purchase.

Erazer X700 is Lenovo's latest gaming PC

Who says gaming rigs are dead?

Functioning Apple I computer sold for $640,000

Rare computer systems and components are often worth a significant amount of money.

Velocity Micro touts 23-inch Edge AIO PC

Velocity Micro has unveiled a slick all-in-one (AIO) Windows 8 PC dubbed the Edge AIO.

Acer rolls out $400 Windows 8 TravelMate

Acer has introduced a Windows 8-powered  ultraportable PC lineup targeted at students and budget-conscious users.

Sapphire's Edge VS8 mini powered by AMD's Trinity processor

Sapphire has rolled out a new small form factor desktop computer dubbed the Edge VS8.

Bonobo Extreme 17.3-inch gaming laptop runs Ubuntu

Extreme gaming laptops are typically associated with Microsoft's Windows operating system, rather than OS X  or Linux.

World's oldest digital computer brought back to life

A 61-year-old computer will today be rebooted, following a three-year restoration project.

Sweet case mod puts the parts on the outside

Project Inverted is an inside out gaming PC.

Lenovo launches uber-mini IdeaCentre Q190

Lenovo has announced what it claims to be the world's smallest full-function desktop (x86) PC, measuring 22 mm (0.86" wide).

Maingear touts slick Nomad 15 gaming laptop

Maingear's Nomad 15 is a slick gaming laptop.

Mini Habey PC boasts Intel Core power and no fan

Boutique computer maker Habey is offering up a new and impressively compact small form factor PC dubbed the BIS-6922.

Acer's Revo RL80 packs a Core i3 processor

Compact yet full-featured Revo RL80 will make for an impressive HTPC.

AMD's C-70 chip powers Foxconn's AT-5570

Foxconn rolls its own uber-mini HTPC.