Facebook targeted in "sophisticated attack"

The Facebook security teams has confirmed that the social networking site was targeted in a "sophisticated attack" last month. 

Is Microsoft's Surface tablet "compromised?"

Apple chief Tim Cook may not have personally given Microsoft's Surface tablet a test run, but the CEO had absolutely no problem with highlighting reviews that describe the device as "compromised" and "confusing."

For sale - hacked PayPal accounts

Compromised PayPal accounts are typically perceived as a valuable commodity in the digital criminal underground.

LastPass in possible password fail

LastPass is asking users to change their master password after identifying a brief network traffic "anomaly" from one of its non-critical machines - which apparently resulted in the transmission of an unspecified amount of data.

Sony says "personal information" compromised on PSN network

Sony has confirmed that user information was indeed compromised when a hacker breached the digital perimeter surrounding the corporation’s PlayStation Network (PSN).

Chinese hackers breach Yahoo e-mail accounts

A number of Yahoo e-mail accounts belonging to journalists and human rights activists in China and Taiwan were reportedly "compromised" during an attack that took place earlier this week.