AT&T slammed over FaceTime block

Three consumer groups have warned AT&T that they will make a formal complaint to the FCC over the company's plans to block Apple's FaceTime.

FCC complaint filed over Verizon's tethering plan

Campaign group Free Press has filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) claiming that Verizon is violating the rules governing its LTE license.

Microsoft complains to EU over 'anti-competitive' Google

Microsoft's put its two-penn'orth in to the European Commission's anti-trust investigation of Google, and has filed a formal complaint.

Google Apps discriminates against the blind, group claims

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) has filed a federal complaint against New York University and Northwestern University, claiming that their use of Google Apps for Education is discriminatory.

Feds say it's OK to pan your boss on Facebook

Federal agency the National Labor Relations Board has launched a legal case asserting that employees have a right to free speech on Facebook.

Pulse iPad app is in... out... in at the Apple App Store

On Monday, in his WWDC keynote speech, Steve Jobs singled out an RSS reader as an example of a great new app for the iPad. On Tuesday, it got pulled from the App Store. Now, it's back again.