Amazon is working on displays that Apple and Samsung can’t match

Amazon’s internal hardware engineering team is more sophisticated than Amazon’s line of decent but not so revolutionary tablets and e-readers would suggest. 

5 reasons to beat the death drum for TiVo

It's 16 years old, showing its age, and facing competition from the cloud. The cloud! Television ain't what it used to be.

How to get Google Glass early

Eight thousand more people are set to get their hands on a pair of Google Glass specs - if they can think of something really clever to do with them. At the same time, it's released a video showing some of the capabilities of the device.

Google given deadline to fix anti-trust concerns

The European Commission has given Google one last chance to put its house in order and explain how it plans to ease anti-trust concerns.

UK cyber-security 'champion' announced

A teenage student has been crowned Britain's cyber-security champion, following a competition helpd by government intelligence organization GCHQ.

Climate models may underestimate extinction rates

We may be being grossly complacent about the scale of species extinctions caused by climate change, according to US scientists.

Very Large Array wants your help with a new name

Well, it never really was the most imaginative name - the Very Large Array. And, now, after a major upgrade, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory is asking for help coming up with a better one.

RankMyHack lets hackers compete

In recent months, long-time hackers have become just a little miffed with some of the new kids on the block and their automated DDoS attacks - script kiddies, they mutter, darkly.

Seattle's Space Needle competition offers winner free space trip

The owners of Seattle's iconic Space Needle plan to celebrate its 50th anniversary by launching one lucky competition winner into space.

Americans turn away from landlines

A quarter of all Americans no longer have a landline, according to the latest figures from the Federal Communications Commission.

DARPA wants you to design its next UAV

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has had a great idea about how to develop the next generation of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) - it wants you to do it.

Microsoft complains to EU over 'anti-competitive' Google

Microsoft's put its two-penn'orth in to the European Commission's anti-trust investigation of Google, and has filed a formal complaint.

ISP's Twitter competition hijacked by protesters

A competition launched by Vodafone - the UK ISP that owns 45 percent of Verizon - caused red faces over the weekend as it was used to protest about the company's tax practices.

Woman polls Facebook to choose baby's name

Would you name your baby Sadira-Sagitarius? Or Fabby Licious? Probably not. But you can saddle an unsuspecting, indeed, unborn Canadian girl with one of these unfortunate monikers if you like.

Google calls govt anticompetitive (yes, that's the right way round)

Google is suing the US Department of the Interior, saying it shouldn't have made up its mind in advance that it wanted a messaging solution based on Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite.

FCC needs closer eye on wireless competition, says report

The four biggest cellular providers may end up dominating the market and making excessive profits because of FCC policies, says the Government Accountability Office.

Million-dollar contest launched for oil clean-up ideas

A $1 million prize is on offer to anyone that can do a better job of cleaning up oil spills than BP.

Guggenheim and YouTube to showcase video art

Fancy seeing your work in the Guggenheim? The New York museum is calling for budding video artists to send in their work via YouTube, promising to showcase it worldwide.

Apple says Android doesn't threaten the iPhone

Apple has disputed the accuracy of recent data published by the NPD Group which showed Android-based devices outselling the iPhone in the United States.

Apple may face anti-trust investigation

The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice are considering investigating Apple over anti-trust concerns relating to mobile devices - they just need to decide which of them will handle the investigation.