How Things Work: Commodore 64 and Summer Games Edition

I’m always trying to convey a sense of the audacity and creativity of hackers of the early PC era, who made so much out of so little. I include amongst this group both the hardware hackers who created the machines themselves and the software hackers who took them ...

The story of Yugoslavia's DIY computer revolution

In Yugoslavia in the 1980s, computers were a rare luxury. A ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 could easily cost a month\\'s salary, and that's if you could even get through the tough importation laws. Then in 1983, while on holiday in Risan, Voja Antonić dreamt up plans for ...

Commodore 64 emulator headed to Android-powered Ouya

When I was growing up I wanted a Commodore 64 computer so badly I could barely stand it.

These keyboard PCs are partying like it’s 1982

Who remembers the Commodore 64/128? Ditto for the ZX Spectrum. Two fully-functioning computers packed into a keyboard form factor. Ah, those were the 8-bit days. 

This Linux distro emulates the Commodore 64 OS

One of my all time favorite pieces of geek tech is the Commodore 64.

Vintage but modern Commodore 64 PC now on sale

It's the look and feel of the 1980s with all the horse power of the 2010s.