The Amazing Spider-Man preview shares the mask

Columbia Pictures has released a new 4-minute preview of its upcoming super hero adventure film, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Sin City sequel is starting to take shape

Last month it was announced that the sequel to the 2005 hit comic book adaptation was out of development, and would begin shooting this summer.

The losses of Earth 2 #1

Earth 2 is one of the new lines introduced to DC’s New 52 to replace some of the poorly performing comics, and has set itself up to be quite an epic tale.

Lone Ranger returning to pulp

Dynamite Entertainment has confirmed that it will be launching a new line of Lone Ranger comic books.

Dredd villian detailed

The new Judge Dredd adaptation will be much closer to the source material than the original movie, which starred none other than Sylvester Stallone.

The tears of Dial H #1

One of the ‘new wave’ of DC’s New 52 lines is the quirky Dial H.

Report: SG-1 may return through the stargate (Chappa'ai)

News out of the Vancouver Stargate Convention is that Stargate SG-1, the television property which was the core of the popular franchise for ten years, will be back in ‘a new format.’

This is Before Watchmen art

Before Watchmen will cover the back stories of each of the major characters in the original graphic novel.

LEGO app moves the super heroes

LEGO has rolled out a new iPhone app which allows users to easily create stop motion videos.

The transcendence of X-Men: Dangerous

Marvel, as part of the Marvel Knights line, has released Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous on DVD. The self-contained adventure is an interesting look at one of the often unexplored elements of the X-Men saga.

Superman Beyond preview stops the car

DC has released a preview of the inside pages of its upcoming alternate future superhero comic Superman Beyond.

Powers returns to the page as Powers FBI

The long hiatus of Powers will be coming to an end this summer with a brand new comic book line.

DC’s summer plans for He-Man and Uncle Sam

DC has confirmed that it will be resurrecting two comics classics this summer.

Mark Hamill to appear in the pages of Secret Service

  Icon Comics is slated to publish a series of spy comics with a special guest in the first issue. The Secret Service will a gritty new comics line, featuring some classy British agents.

Sony Pictures to adapt Bloodshot

Sony Pictures is moving ahead with plans to adapt the Valiant comics line Bloodshot into a feature film.

Additional details revealed for Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover

We recently reported that a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover comic book - dubbed Assimilation2 - is in the works over at IDW, which has held the comic book rights to both properties for some time now.

A closer look at LEGO The Avengers

The Lord of the Rings isn’t the only property getting new LEGO sets this year.

Smallville continues - as a comic book

DC Entertainment has announced that Smallville: Season 11 will be part of this year's comic book line-up.

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer climbs the walls

Columbia Pictures has released its first full-length trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. 

Bendis talks Powers on paper and screen

It’s been nearly a year since we reported that a live-action series was in development based on Powers, a super hero detective comic line.