New Star Wars comic is almost a reboot

Dark Horse has revealed some details for its upcoming ongoing comics line called simply Star Wars.

Zenescope’s Wonderland is coming to the small screen

Zenoscope and Lionsgate will be bringing the classic Wonderland graphic novels to television screens sometime next year.

Watson & Holmes preview checks the pockets

New Paradigm Studios has released a preview for its upcoming Sherlock Holmes adaptation, Watson & Holmes.

New details surface for Man of Steel

We’ve heard very little about the new Superman movie over the past six months. Occasional rumours about plot points or supposed set leaks have surfaced, but substantial news was absent since filming kicked off in the winter.

The metal of Green Arrow #10

I wasn’t all that upset to see the first Green Arrow creative team switched out - because the original reboot portrayal of the Green Arrow was almost too immature.

Digital comics prelude to Masters of the Universe has begun

DC recently released the first in a short run on Masters of the Universe prologue titles which are going digital-first.

Alan Moore to try hand at filmmaking

Alan Moore, celebrated genius comics writer and comics industry curmudgeon, wants to make his own movie.

Dark Knight Rises trailer is not afraid

Warner Bros. has posted a new full-length trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises.

Dredd trailer carries out sentence

Lionsgate has released the first trailer for its upcoming dystopian police thriller, Dredd.

The voices of Harbinger #1

The new ongoing line from Valiant reimagines an intriguing history of powerful mentalists.

Star Trek: TNG clinches new comics line

IDW has confirmed that Star Trek: The Next Generation will be getting it’s own line in honor of the 25th anniversary of the famed sci-fi series.

Avengers Assemble gets detailed

Disney has released some plot details for Avengers Assemble, the upcoming superhero animated serial.

New 52 #0's coming this fall

September 2012 will mark a year since the massive - and generally effective - relaunch of every DC super hero line, an event commonly referred to as the New 52.

Arrow preview escapes the island

The CW has released a preview video for itsr upcoming super hero comic book adaptation serial, Arrow.

Dredd will be trapped in a highrise

The long-form synopsis for the new Judge Dredd adaptation is out. Warning: Spoilers inside.

Before Watchmen TV spot looks back

DC has released a television spot for its upcoming prequel comics line, Before Watchmen.

Gay Green Lantern is most powerful hero of Earth 2

DC has revealed that in next month’s issue of Earth 2, we’ll see a reboot of the ‘golden age’ Green Lantern character, Alan Scott.

The Astonishing X-Men - Northstar proposes

It’s mostly non-fan commentators with political agendas who feel strongly one way or the other about this particular union. 

Arrow preview makes the point

The CW has released a preview video for its upcoming super hero adventure serial Arrow.

Pathfinder comic gets detailed

Paizo Publishing and Dynamite Entertainment have detailed their collaborative efforts to adapt the Pathfinder tabletop role-playing game into a comicbook line.