Godzilla's Big Return

The last time there was an American version of Godzilla in 1998, it was complete crapola, so we’re hoping the next attempt, which is shooting right now for Legendary Pictures, will be much better. The next Godzilla is due next year, and the big green guy was certainly a topic of interest at Comic Con last weekend. 

Avengers 2 Plotline Revealed

It’s been very difficult to keep details of a movie from leaking on the net, but in the case of many blockbusters, the filmmakers do the pre-emptive strike themselves and let the information out well in advance when the time is right. And when it comes to superhero films, the right time is Comic Con, where plot details for The Avengers 2 were revealed. 

Batman to Team Up With Superman in the Next Man of Steel Movie

This news has come straight out of Comic Con, and frankly we’re surprised to read it, but apparently Batman will be appearing in the next Man of Steel film. We’re surprised because this has been a tough summer for blockbuster movies, and while Man of Steel has made money, $622 million world-wide so far, it hasn’t exactly been well received by the critics or the fans. 

Riddick 3 brings Pitch Black writer full circle at Comic Con 2013

At Comic Con, word is there is potential big news coming about Vin Diesel and The Avengers 2. But, in the meantime, we bask in all the gore and glory that is Riddick 3. The frachise gets back on track with a killer red band trailer.   

Spiderman 2 gets a panel and some reveal at Comic Con 2013

Yet another superhero franchise, but bearing in mind that there are few people who can't kick Andrew Garfield's butt in the universe, the reality distortion field surrounding Spiderman has never kept us from being anything but, meh.