Comcast to launch own 3D channel

Anyone who uses Comcast as their cable TV provider will find a new channel added to their lineup in two days, as the carrier will launch its own, 24/7 3D TV station called Xfinity 3D.

Cantwell bill expands net neutrality to wireless

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) has introduced a new bill related to net neutrality. It is called the Internet Freedom, Broadband Promotion, and Consumer Protection Act of 2011.

MSNBC fires Olbermann: Has Comcast/NBC merger claimed its first victim?

It has begun; the merging of two of the fawning corporate media’s mega titans has resulted in a thunderous crackle that has already claimed one mortal: Keith Olbermann.

Comcast adds live streaming to iPad and Android apps

Comcast is promising in-home streaming this year on the iPad and Android devices, allowing users to watch live and on-demand content anywhere in the home.

Free Press urges FCC to keep Comcast in check

Media reform organization Free Press urged the Federal Communications Commission yesterday to investigate anti-competitive actions by Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company and residential broadband provider.

Xbox 360 wants to double as a cable box

Your Xbox 360 can already play movies, TV shows, games, music, and other online content, but now Microsoft is looking to take it a step further.

Comcast outage affects East Coast during holiday weekend

As one of the biggest holiday weekends of the year was coming to an end, potentially tens of thousands of customers found themselves without any Internet access, and a provider that said it had no idea why there was a problem.

New video platform speeds cable TV improvements

A startup backed by Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cisco has launched softare aimed at helping cable and satellite companies add search and social networking features to their services.

James Cameron begs Hollywood for 3D content

Avatar producer James Cameron has issued a public plea for Hollywood to increase its production of 3D content for the two-dimensional masses.

US Appeals Court overturns FCC net neutrality ruling

A US Federal Appeals Court has ruled that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lacks the proper authority to demand Internet providers such as Comcast fully equalize the flow of traffic.

Comcast, Wal-Mart favored to win "worst company" contest's fifth annual "Worst Company in America" tournament is on, with cable provider Comcast as one of the top seeds among competitors like Best Buy, Apple, and HP.

NYC gets free Wi-Fi: Elitism rules!

New York is getting free Wi-Fi courtesy of Time Warner and Comcast. Sarah Palin to blow up Internets on Fox News special.

NBC CEO lies to congress about Boxee block

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker has created a bit of a hullabaloo by seemingly lying to congress about his role in forcing online streaming service, Hulu, to block open source media center Boxee.