Will Twitter become a big TV screen?

New research from scholars at Columbia Business School and the University of Pittsburgh questions the sustainability of Twitter, the social network that has more than 500 million registered users. The research was recently published in the journal Marketing Science.

Ghost Rider creator gets the shaft from Marvel

Just when you thought another Ghost Rider movie with Nicolas Cage was bad enough, now reports have hit the web that Marvel's sued Gary Friedrich, the creator of Ghost Rider, and won.

La Nina linked to killer flu pandemics

The La Niña weather pattern could be triggering flu pandemics such as 2009's swine flu, scientists suggest.

New system could improve software reliability and security

Computer scientists at Columbia Engineering say they've developed a system that makes multithreaded programs run more stably and efficiently.

Team dramatically improves US flood and drought prediction

A Columbia Engineering School team says it's made a major step in improving forecasts of extreme weather events in the US.

Male contraceptive pill under development

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center believe they're close to developing a male contraceptive pill with none of the side effects of previous, steroid-based versions.

Antarctic images show ice sheet forming in unexpected way

The Antarctic ice sheet is forming and reforming in a completely different way to what was previously believed, a new study has revealed.