Clever kids more likely to take drugs

Children with high IQs - and especially girls - are more likely to take illegal drugs in their 30s, new research shows.

Claim: Nicotine makes brain more vulnerable to cocaine addiction

Do you believe in the gateway theory when it comes to drug use? Well, a group of scientists at Columbia University claims to have proven the theory.

Oxi addiction a growing problem in South America

Oxi - a relatively new addition to the South American drug scene - is more potent, cheaper and deadlier than crack cocaine.

Princess Leia snorted coke on Hoth

It seems as if Princess Leia kept herself toasty warm on the icy planet Hoth by snorting cocaine and getting it on with Han Solo.

Play a game, do a line of coke

An obviously confused UK counselor and therapist has compared playing a two-hour game to snorting a line of cocaine.

Parents leave real baby to die in favor of online avatar

A heartbreaking story of parents who left their three-month old, premature baby to die of malnourishment, while they raised a virtual daughter online in an MMORPG has surfaced over on ABC.