Yes, Republicans wanted a Reagan hologram

We recently discussed the possibility of resurrecting celebrities and politicians in the form of larger than life holograms.

After Tupac, should Elvis be hologrammed?

Several months back, we ran several stories about long-dead celebrities being turned into holograms in the wake of the late Tupac Shakur appearing at the Coachella music festival.

Unplugging: S.S. Coachella set to take sail this December

In this week’s music news, major festivals seem to be taking a turn to the new, with Coachella venturing out to sea and All Tomorrow’s Parties I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival moving from New Jersey to New York.

Unplugging: Coachella success stories and music/movie powerhouses

This year’s Coachella Festival may be over, but it lives on with post-fest success stories. We noticed yet another trend this week  – music and movies are swapping star talent to lend a hand in their opposite mediums.

Unplugging: Coachella breaking ground, artists speaking out & new lineups

With the first round of Coachella performances now behind us, our head is swimming with festival news and performance recaps.

Unplugging: Coachella lineup goes live

With great headliners and recently reunited bands to play the festival, we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s upcoming Coachella Festival.

All Tomorrow’s Parties Presents I’ll Be Your Mirror in New Jersey [Unplugging]

It's time to check in with the world of music and your friends at in this week's Unplugging column. This week's column features news on two huge festival announcements.