Comet not responsible for Clovis disappearance

A group of researchers has poured scorn on the idea that a comet wiped out the North American Clovis people 13,000 years ago.

Did comet wipe out Clovis culture?

More evidence has emerged that a massive comet hit the Earth about 13,000 years ago, backing up a widely-disputed theory.

Spearheads cast light on earliest American culture

Hot on the heels of yesterday's news about the arrival of the first people in the Americas, an international team has revealed a previously-unknown culture that was flourishing just a thousand or so years later.

Cosmic impact wiped out mammoths

A study of rocks in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Syria provides powerful support for the theory that a major impact helped wipe out mammoths and other megafauna, and destroyed a major prehistoric culture.