Could geo-engineered clouds protect coral reefs?

Over the past 10 years, the negative effects of climate change have become vastly more apparent. Superstorms, extreme heat, floods and tornadoes are all complications caused by a planet that’s warmer and more polluted than ever before.

Mars water-ice clouds hold key to odd thermal rhythm

Researchers using NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have found that temperatures in the Martian atmosphere regularly rise and fall not just once each day, but twice.

Report: Pollution can actually cause global cooling

Scientists at the University of Manchester says that natural emissions and manmade pollutants may have an unexpected cooling effect on the world's climate by making clouds brighter.

Cloud brightening 'could tame hurricanes'

Decreasing sea surface temperatures through cloud brightening could cut the severity of hurricanes by a full category, claims a team of British scientists.

Team urges test of cloud brightening

Scientists are proposing a test of cloud brightening as a possible way of countering global warming.

Earth's clouds are getting lower

The sky is falling - but it may be good news for the planet. New Zealand scientists say that the Earth's clouds are getting lower, in a mechanism that could help to counter global warming.

Titan's giant arrow explained

Well, the UFOlogists won't like it, but UCLA scienstists have come up with an explanation for the giant white arrow observed on the surface of Titan, Saturn's largest moon - and it's not an 'X marks the spot' from aliens.

WWII bombing raids affected British weather

The contrails from World War II bombers were enough to change the English weather, leaving Brits shivering with cold as well as, possibly, fear.

Why does it rain more near airports?

Areas around airports experience more rain and snow, say researchers, as planes trigger precipitation by flying through clouds.

Contrails warm world more than CO2 emissions

Aircraft contrails do more to warm the planet than their exhaust fumes, a new study has found.

Cool brown dwarf could have water-based clouds

We normally think of stars as hot - but scientists using ESO's Very large telescope say they've found a pair of cool brown dwarfs, one of which is no hotter than a sauna or a cup of tea.

Chance observation solves mystery of 'hole-punch' clouds

Strange circular holes in clouds which have frequently led to speculation about UFOs are caused by nothing more mysterious than aircraft, a study has shown - and they can cause several inches of snow or rain too.