Authorities 'were right to close airspace' after Icelandic volcano

Despite all the grumbling at the time, European aviation authorities were justified in grounding planes following the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano last year, new research shows.

Amazon cloud outage takes down Reddit and Quora

A failure affecting Amazon's EC2 service in northern Virginia has downed a number of prominent sites, including Reddit and Quora.

4/9/11 SNB, SCB weekly wrap

Here is some of what you might have missed this past week on SmallNetBuilder and SmallCloudBuilder.

Corporate America scrambles to contain Epsilon hack fallout

Suits and ties across corporate America are engaging in frenetic damage control after an embarrassing hack highlighted the perils of marketing decadence for all to see.

Watch out iTunes - Google Music is coming

Google has reportedly begun testing its much anticipated streaming music service and rumors are it’s practically ready to launch.

2,000 restaurants make reservations in the Cloud

At least 2,000 restaurants have adopted a cloud-based reservation system offered by Livebookings.

Sony wants your PS3 games in the Cloud

Sony is planning to roll out a Cloud-based repository for saving Playstation 3 games.

Is the Cloud overcrowded?

No, the Cloud isn't overcrowded. More storage space can always be added, but obviously, related costs will rise concurrently.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server headed to the Cloud

RIM is reportedly preparing to debut a Cloud-based version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) by the end of 2011.

Cloud powers quick and dirty WPA-PSK hack

A security researcher claims to have coded a quick and dirty WPA-PSK hack that exploits the processing power of Amazon’s Cloud computing infrastructure to break into wireless networks.

There is malware in the Cloud

Unfortunately, the scourge of malware isn't limited to terrestrial-based Windows computing.

Report: Apple planning for a Cloud-based future

Apple is reportedly planning to roll out new Cloud-based services for popular mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

NATO targets the Cloud for improved command and control

NATO has selected IBM to participate in a strategic technology project aimed at improving data center efficiency and optimizing information sharing between its 28 member nations.

Google says the Cloud is our future

Google believes the arrival of Chrome OS heralds nothing less than a brave new world in which Windows and OSX-based machines have little future.

Amazon offers WikiLeaks refuge in the Cloud

The controversial WikiLeaks website has shifted data to cloud-based servers hosted by Amazon.

Google Docs gets a mobile makeover

Google is rolling out a mobile version of its popular cloud-based Docs platform.

Beatles coming to iTunes today

Apple's confirmed that it's finally got its hands on the Beatles' catalog and will start selling the songs on iTunes.

Gogobeans launches link-based store, share service

Gogobeans has introduced a cloud storage and sharing service with a twist.

Former Microsoft exec details post-PC era

A former high-ranking Microsoft exec recently warned that the tech industry is poised to adopt a brave new "post PC" paradigm.

Microsoft builds a Cloud City with Office 365

Microsoft has announced its Office 365 platform, which integrates SharePoint, Exchange, Lync and Office into a single dynamic cloud service.