Dell falls out of a cloud

Troubled hardware maker Dell has become one of the first high profile companies to dump its public cloud plans.

Google ups the storage ante

Search engine Google has surprised observers by stepping up the size of its free cloud based storage offerings from five to 15GB.

Big Data name of enterprise software game

A report from IDC said the market for enterprise software worldwide showed conservative growth during 2012.

Clouds leak Amazon torrents of data

The security on Amazon's cloud has come under question after it was revealed that customers have accidentally revealed confidential information including sales records and source code.

Cisco splashes out in big cloud computing push

Cisco is to buy cloud computing company Meraki in a deal worth $1.2 billion.

Quantum computing could make cloud secure

Quantum computing techniques could be used to bring complete security to the cloud, says an international team of scientists.

Should Google buy BMC to secure its cloud?

If it wasn't for IBM there wouldn’t be a Microsoft.

Google challenges Skype with new Chrome video tool

Google is giving Skype a run for its money with plans to integrate audio and video chat software directly into its flagship Chrome browser.

Cloud gaming comes to Singapore

If the cost of gaming hardware and titles is stopping you from making it a hobby, a new Web service could be your salvation.

Toyota and Microsoft unveil 'smart car' plans

Microsoft and Toyota have teamed up in a $12 million deal to bring a range of internet services to Toyota cars.

Intel says 2015 will be the Cloud computing tipping point

Intel, like many other industry heavyweights, believes we are navigating towards a cyber future that will be heavily dominated by Cloud-based  computing.

Cloud computing survey finds issues with some contracts

A recent survey of 31 Cloud computing contracts from 27 different providers has determined that many contracts have clauses that could have a negative effect on the rights and concerns of customers.

Mars mission gets cloud computing boost

NASA is using cloud computing to optimize the efficiency of two rovers currently exploring the Martian landscape.

Google calls govt anticompetitive (yes, that's the right way round)

Google is suing the US Department of the Interior, saying it shouldn't have made up its mind in advance that it wanted a messaging solution based on Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite.

Raytheon militarizes cloud computing with Green Thunder

Raytheon has developed a cloud-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platform to facilitate the rapid collection and dissemination of real-time data.

Cloud computing market to hit $121.1 billion by 2015

The global cloud computing market is projected to reach a staggering $121.1 billion by 2015.

Automotive navigation shifts into the Cloud

Automotive navigation systems are rapidly transitioning from standalone devices to cloud-connected platforms.

US military taps cloud computing in Afghanistan

The US military is shipping cloud computing infrastructure to Afghanistan where its secure network will be used to provide US soldiers with critical surveillance data.

Microsoft says cloud computing is the future

Microsoft has kicked off a major campaign to promote the benefits of cloud computing, with CEO Steve Ballmer pledging $9.5 billion in related R&D efforts. 

Microsoft invites 10,000 more users to Intune cloud beta

After a better-than-expected initial reception to its latest cloud computing project, Microsoft is expanding its beta program for Intune to include 10,000 more users.