Apple's Lightning cable cloned

A Chinese company says it's been able to crack the microchip inside Apple's Lightning cable, allowing it to sell a low-cost version of the cable and dock.

MacBook Air wannabe runs Android 4.0

If you like the design and style of the MacBook Air, but just can't bring yourself to part with a thousand hard-earned dollars, you might want to check out this look-alike which recently tipped up at Computex.

Team hacks RFID smartcards

Researchers at the Ruhr-University Bochum say they've been able to crack the security of a widely used contactless smartcard.

Apple forces clone-maker to halt production

It's amazing it's taken this long, perhaps, but Apple has forced iPhone imitator Meizu to stop selling the iPhone lookalike M8.

Smartphone clones redefine handset market

Smartphone clones such as the "BlueBerry" are helping to redefine the low-cost handset segment as viable alternatives to higher-priced devices.

Android-powered iPad clone spotted in the wild

A Chinese-based company has introduced an Android-powered iPad clone that can be purchased for as little as $130-$198.