Researchers build 'perfect' invisibility cloak

Duke University scientists say they've succeeded for the first time in building a truly effective invisibility cloak.

'Invisibility cloak' could hide buildings from earthquakes

A team of British mathematicians has developed a theoretical design for a Harry Potter style ’cloaking’ device which could protect buildings from earthquakes.

Cloaking device hides objects using mirage (video)

Scientists have created a working cloaking device that can be switched off and on and which hides an object by creating a mirage.

Scientists create 'anti-magnet' cloaking device

Spanish researchers say they've created a new type of magnetic cloak, which shields objects from magnetic fields, while also preventing any internal magnetic fields from leaking out.

Tank disguised by infra-red cloak

BAE Systems has tested an invisibility cloak that allows a vehicle to blend into its surroundings in the infra-red and other frequencies.

Invisibility cloak hides underwater objects from sonar

University of Illinois researchers have developed an acoustic cloak, making underwater objects invisible to sonar and other ultrasound waves.

Team develops temporal cloaking device

Researchers at Imperial College London say they've taken invisibility into the fourth dimension - time - by inventing a device that can hide whole events. It would give the impression of being a Star Trek transporter.

Scientists tailor metamaterial invisibility cloak

Scientists at Purdue University have developed a metamaterial consisting of fishnet-like film that could theoretically be spun into a working "invisibility" cloak.

3D invisibility cloak created

An invisibility cloak is one step closer to reality, with a group of German and British scientists reporting that they've successfully created a prototype that works in three dimensions.