Ecosystems shift as climate changes

By 2100, nearly 40 percent of land-based ecosystems - forest, grassland or tundra, for example - will have moved from one type to another.

Big climate change could happen fast - and soon

New research from NASA into the Earth's paleoclimate history indicates we could be facing rapid climate change this century, including sea level rises of many meters.

Robot snake meets giant spider (video)

A group of artists and engineers has created a 35-foot robot snake, in an effort to highlight climate change, they say.

Everyday weather getting more extreme, says team

Day-to-day weather conditions have become more erratic in the past generation, say Princeton University researchers, with significant fluctuations in sunshine and rainfall affecting more than a third of the planet.

Climate change isn't natural variation, says team

There's been no simultaneous warming of the northern and southern hemispheres in the last 20,000 years, scientists say, indicating that climate change can't be ascribed to natural variation.

Meeting calls for extreme measures on climate change

Climate change represents an immediate and highly serious threat to the health and security of people around the world, experts warned yesterday.

Climate change making animals shrink

Many plant and animal species around the world are shrinking, thanks to climate change, National University of Singapore researchers say.

Europeans more worried about climate change than economic crisis

Climate skeptics are a dying breed in Europe, a new poll shows, with two out of three people seeing climate change as a very serious problem.

CO2 uptake data casts doubt on climate models

The global uptake of carbon by land plants could be much higher than previously thought, meaning that the carbon cycle models used to predict climate change could be wrong.

Whales navigate Northwest Passage for first time in thousands of years

Bowhead whales have navigated the Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans for what could be the first time in nearly 10,000 years.

Extreme weather events on the rise, says climate group

Climate change is loading the dice in favor of extreme weather events like Huricane Irene, a new report suggests.

Cutting soot emissions could be climate quick fix

Reducing soot emissions from diesel engines and other sources could be the fastest, most economical way to slow the melting of Arctic sea ice, researchers say.

Nitrogen in rocks could help counter climate change

Researchers have discovered that forest trees can tap into the nitrogen found in rocks, boosting their growth and allowing them to take up more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Al Gore flips out over global warming

South Park fans probably knew this day was inevitable. Yes, Al "ManBearPig" Gore has finally flipped out in public about his very favorite topic: global warming.

Arctic wildfires threaten global climate

After 10,000 fire-free years, the Arctic tundra is again experiencing wildfires, and they're contributing significantly to the world's carbon dioxide levels.

Does climate change threaten world peace?

A senior UN official is warning climate change could threaten world peace and exacerbate current crises. 

Atmospheric aerosols slow global warming by a third

Airborne particles from volcanoes and the burning of fossil fuels have reflected enough sunlight to offset about a third of the current climate warming caused by carbon dioxide over the past decade, says the NOAA.

Oceans becoming less effective carbon sinks

A new analysis of the oceans' ability to absorb carbon has concluded that climate change is hampering their ability to act as a carbon sink.

Green becoming a theme in U.S. cities

Yes, the Feds may routinely hem and haw about climate change legislation. 

Santorum spouts off on climate change

Former Pennsylvania GOP senator Rick Santorum wants you to know he doesn't believe in any of that "junk science" global warming stuff.