US wildfire risk increases

Scientists are warning that, because of climate change, the number of wildfires in the US is set to increase.

Europe set for more extreme weather, says report

Climate change is already bringing extreme weather to Europe, and the situation is only set to get worse, the European Environment Agency has warned.

CO2 levels in our atmosphere reach record high

Concentrations of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, driven by man-made carbon emissions, reached a record high in 2011, according to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).  

Lousy weather destroyed Mayan civilization

Decades of extreme weather first weakened the Mayan culture and then killed off much of the population.

Climate change threatens wild coffee populations

Coffee-lovers take note; climate change could put an end to your daily Starbucks, a new study has found.

Climate change threatens Indian monsoon

The Indian monsoon - on which more than a billion people depend for food crops - could fail frequently and catastrophically over the next 200 years as a result of global warming.

Sea rise set to be higher than expected

Current measurements show that sea levels are rising faster than predicted, with a one-meter rise looking likely by the end of the century.

Thousand years of sea rise 'inevitable'

Whatever we do, greenhouse gas emissions have alreadytriggered an irreversible warming of Earth that will cause sea levels to rise for more than a thousand years to come, claims a European team.

Are New England fall colors set to disappear?

New England is gradually losing its famous fall colors, says the National Science Foundation.

'Forgotten' meteor caused mega-tsunami

A huge meteor which slammed into the southern Pacific Ocean about 2.5 million years ago generated tsunamis hundreds of meters high, and may have destablilized the entire planet's climate system.

Extreme weather set to push food prices much higher

Oxfam is warning that climate change represents a far greater threat to the world's poor than previously believed, because of the effects of extreme weather on harvests and food prices.

This neighborhood is keeping pace with climate change

All over, it seems, architects are thinking about how to plan for the realities of climate change.

New-found atmospheric compound may affect climate and health

A previously unsuspected chemical process in the Earth's atmosphere is creating sulfuric acid, known to have a significant impact on climate and human health.

Generation X doesn't care about climate change

Generation X may be passionate about Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins albums like Gish, but Xers remain somewhat lukewarm about the causes and implications of climate change. 

Prepare for more extreme weather, say scientists

Climate change is set to trigger more extreme weather events around the world, an international team of scientists claims.

Report: Cities worldwide taking action on climate change

Not so long ago, the view of the political right (and even many centrists) was that a focus on the environment and climate change would hurt jobs and the economy in general. 

US set for more forest fires

Wildfires are expected to become increasingly common across the US and Europe over the next 30 years as climate change raises temperatures.

US power plants vulnerable to climate change

Climate change will hit nuclear and coal-fired power production in the US and Europe by forcing more temporary shutdowns, say researchers.

Melancholia: The psychology of climate change awareness

The movie Melancholia is far from the usual disaster film with its urgent teams of people hunched over computers and racing against time to stop impending doom, that can be stopped by one man alone! 

Anomalous climate record explained

An explanation has been found for why one widely-used climate record shows a different warming trend to others.