Report: New clean energy beats coal (in cost)

Renewable energy is becoming more and more competitive, to the point now that new generation from wind costs less than conventional coal-fired generation – and can even give natural gas a run for its money. Solar PV, too, is emerging as a more economically viable energy source.

Clean energy least costly to power America’s electricity needs

It’s less costly to get electricity from wind turbines and solar panels than coal-fired power plants when climate change costs and other health impacts are factored in, according to a new study published in Springer’s Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.

Why is the Right attacking clean energy?

Attempts to roll back state renewable energy standards failed in recent legislative sessions, but the folks behind the efforts apparently aren’t giving up.

Solar car hits 661 miles on clean energy

The world of college solar powered cars is getting busy these days. The University of Michigan, a top flight competitor in this space, just recently introduced its latest racer for the upcoming World Solar Challenge.

Bolstering natural gas efficiency with solar power

Clean energy purists might not like the idea of making any concession to fossil fuel use, but if you believe incremental progress is good, a technology that uses solar power to boost the efficiency of natural gas power plants at least qualifies as intriguing.

Opinion: Obama re-election keeps clean energy hope alive

Trying to figure out exactly what Barack Obama’s victory in Tuesday’s election will mean for the clean energy movement in the United States is a bit of a fool’s errand on two counts.

US government 'has pollution costs wrong'

The federal government is significantly underestimating the costs of carbon pollution because it's using a faulty analytical model, say scientists from the Natural Resources Defense Council and the University of Cambridge.

On wind, Obama sees a clean energy winner

A funny thing happened on the way to Solyndra becoming the dominant clean energy issue of the 2012 presidential campaign: It got blown away.

Are Apple's clean energy promises just hot air?

In its latest report, Greenpeace has upgraded Apple's marks on clean energy, but says the company's still being vague about how it plans to move away from coal-fired power.

Yes, clean energy is a bipartisan issue

It's a commonly held belief that certain political parties are more pro-green than others, but the truth is far more complicated than that, according to a new ORC International survey conducted for the nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute (CSI). 

More clean energy doesn't mean less dirty energy

We like to assume that producing a new megawatt-hour of electricity from wind means we've eliminated a megawatt-hour of fossil-fuel produced electricity. 

US Army once again turns to clean energy

Last Fourth of July weekend, the U.S. Army‘s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) in Warren, Michigan experienced a power outage that halted operations of its laboratories.

Are we on track to stop climate change?

Not every problem can be solved by throwing more money at it, but climate change is one of them.

California becoming clean energy powerhouse

California regulators have approved five power purchase agreements that could boost the state's renewable energy capacity by 1,088 megawatts (MW) and produce 2,927 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy.

Why the EU is winning the clean energy race

The EU signed Kyoto in 1997, and passed laws to lower emissions by 2005. Five years later it had double the wind power of the US, and ten times the solar power.

Greenpeace forgives Facebook after clean power pledge

Tis the season of peace on Earth and goodwill to all men - and Greenpeace and Facebook have finally laid down their cudgels and made friends.

Clean energy military engagement a positive action

Progressives have never been very good about admitting - let alone claiming - victory.

Clean energy hauls in $1 trillion since '04

It might have been a biomass cogeneration plant in Brazil, or a wind farm in Mexico. 

Or perhaps that solar thermal plant in Morocco.

Turning dirty, tainted land into clean energy

Slowly but surely, renewable energy is gaining ground – leading some researchers to warn of "energy sprawl." 

Clean energy or fossil fuel?

Create new, renewable electricity systems or continue expanding the current fossil fuel electricity infrastructure?