CIA declassifies covert details on the secretive Area 51

Debunking many conspiracy theories, a massive 355-page declassified report details the birth of Area 51 and the U-2 spy planes developed and tested there.When U-2 spy planes first soared over Nevada in 1955, they flew higher than any other plane ever: 60,000 feet. The development and construction of ...

CIA up to speed on Big Data in the 1960s

Last week the CIA published a 1962 internal document that seems to show it was contemplating some very advanced data techniques half a century ago.

Orwellian Trapwire may be tracking you

Trapwire - designed by former CIA agents - can best be described as an advanced CCTV surveillance system.

Will you go to Argo?

If you’ve seen ridiculous pictures of Ben Affleck with his hair combed down and a full beard, he’s not going out incognito from the paparazzi, it’s his look for the movie Argo.

Obama enhances computer security

By the end of this week, there will be sweeping changes to the way the government handles highly sensitive information.

CIA classified global warming as top secret

Global warming is simply not happening, folks, and if it is, then it's classified information that must be kept secret by the CIA at all costs.

DigiNotar security breach hit CIA, MI6 and Mossad

Dutch firm DigiNotar issued twice as many fraudulent security certificates as initially believed, according to the auditors investigating the breach - and affected intelligence agencies including the CIA.

LulzSec hacks CIA website - and has fun with telephone hotline

The CIA website is the latest to go down following an attack by LulzSec.


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has formed a WikiLeaks task force under the auspices of a rather amusing acronym: WTF.

Intellectual property suit could clip wings of CIA drones

It seems that no one is immune to patent law. And as a recent intellectual property (IP) suit alleges, the CIA’s unmanned drones that operate all over the world could very well be acting in violation of US legislation.

CIA attempts to halt spread of dangerous technology

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is forming a specialized unit to counter the proliferation of dangerous weapons and technology.