Netflix arrives on ARM-powered Samsung Chromebook

Samsung's $250 Chromebook rolled out in October and quickly climbed to the top of the charts on Amazon.

Linux founder loves his Chromebook Pixel

Linux founder Linus Torvalds loves his new Google Chromebook Pixel, which he believes puts most other laptops to shame.

Google not interested in opening retail stores

Despite reports to the contrary, a high ranking Google exec has denied that Mountain View is planning to open brick-and-mortar stores like Apple and Microsoft in an effort to promote Nexus devices, the Chromebook and Google Glass.

Google's Pixel Chromebook is multi-OS friendly

Samsung's $250 ARM-powered Chromebook is famous for running multiple flavors of Linux, yet Google's flagship x86 Pixel is even more friendly to loading alternative operating systems than its predecessors.

Video: Google debuts touch-screen Chromebook Pixel

Google has introduced the Pixel, a high-end $1,300 touch-screen Chromebook powered by a 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 processor. 

Touchscreen Google Chromebook may launch this year

We've heard this rumor before, but it's now looking a little more solid: it appears that Google's working on a touch-screen version of its Chromebook internet device.

Nvidia's Tegra 4 SoC could power the next Chromebook (or box)

Samsung's $250 ARM-powered Chromebook debuted this past October and quickly climbed to the top of the charts on Amazon.

Imagining the next-gen Google Chromebook

A number of industry heavyweights currently offer their very own iterations of Google's Chromebook, including Acer, HP, Lenovo and Samsung.

HP launches Chromebook with 14-in screen

HP's launched its first Chromebook, the Pavilion 14: more expensive than the competition, at $330, but with a larger screen.

Bodhi Linux is up and running on the MK802 mini PC

Bodhi can best be described as a lightweight Linux flavor coded to run across a wide range of hardware.

HP's Chromebook set for February launch

Hewlett Packard (HP) will apparently be launching a slick Chromebook on February 17.

ARM version of Google Chrome gets Native Client support

Google’s NaCl, or Native Client, can best be described as a platform that allows the Chrome browser to run specific apps coded in C or C++ instead of the typical HTML5, CSS or JavaScript.

Report: Samsung's Exynos 5 to power Galaxy S4

Samsung's uber-popular Chromebook is one of the first real mobile implementations of ARM’s long-awaited Cortex-A15 processor in the form of Samsung’s Exynos 5 dual-core chip.

Lenovo goes Chrome with ThinkPad X131e

Google's web-centric Chrome operating system debuted on July 7, 2009, with the first Intel-based Chromebooks shipping on June 15, 2011.

Bodhi Linux runs on Samsung's ARM-powered Chromebook

Bodhi can best be described as a lightweight Linux flavor coded to run across a wide range of hardware.

Acer debuts $300 Chromebook

There are currently three primary Chromebooks on the market: Samsung's ARM-powered device, Acer's $199 Intel x86-based (Celeron 847) laptop and Acer's $300 C710-2605 which apparently rolled out earlier today.

Acer rolls out a $199 Chromebook

Just weeks after Samsung began shipping its ARM-powered Chromebook, Acer has announced a $199 Intel x86-based (Celeron 847) laptop that runs Google's Chrome-centric operating system.

Video: Samsung's Exynos 5-powered Arndale dev board in action

Samsung's Arndale dev board features the flagship 1.7 GHz Exynos 5 Dual system-on-chip (SoC), which also powers Google's recently launched ARM-based Chromebook.

Samsung’s ARM Chromebook dual-boots Fedora

Samsung’s $249 ARM-powered Chromebook is a dream come true for Linux enthusiasts and modders.

ChrUbuntu hits Alpha for ARM-powered Chromebooks

Samsung’s $249 ARM-powered Chromebook may be one of the most anticipated devices of the years for devs, modders and Linux enthusiasts.