Code repository reveals Chrome OS netbook specs

Detailed specs of Samsung's first official Chrome OS netbook have been positively identified in Google's code repository.

Report: Google adopts subscription-based model for Chrome OS devices

Google will reportedly offer Chrome OS devices based on a subscription model in late June or early July.

Report: Google could launch Chrome OS for the masses at I/O 2011

W00t!!! Google may be preparing to officially launch its web-centric Chrome operating system for the masses at I/O 2011 during the second week of May.

Chrome netbooks coming Q2 for as low as $250

Tablets seem to be all the rage these days, but if you fancy a more traditional lightweight computer product, Google has you covered with its netbook-only operating system Chrome OS.

Asustek preparing a $200 netbook for summer

The advent of the netbook market has been great for budget-conscious consumers, as it has opened up personal computers to people who don't have $1000 in their pocket.

Former Googler claims Android will kill Chrome OS

A former high-ranking Googler believes that Chrome OS will either be "killed" by Android, or forced to merge with the popular mobile operating system.