Amazon's Christmas gift to you: streaming STB. Maybe. Not quite sure, yet.

It's code-named "Cinnamon," and it has no release date or intended price however, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos likes to keep his hardware costs down. In that regard, we can expect him to enter into the fray against Apple TV at $99 and Roku at $50. I'll throw in Chromecast at $35 because, I like it better than the set-top box (STB) stuff.

Merry Christmas from planetary nebula NGC 5189

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has snapped a striking picture of planetary nebula NGC 5189.

It's Christmas: be very, very careful...

The press releases don't stop coming at this time of year; but they do change character slightly. And this year in particular, I'm hearing from a lot of hospitals and academics, and all they seem to want to do is scare me.

TSA eyes Christmas present inspections

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will not be securing any holiday cheer this Christmas.

World War Z film faces stiff competition

For those who aren’t zombie inclined, World War Z is the novel written by Max Brooks, the son of the very talented Mel Brooks of Spaceballs fame.

Tarantino's Django Unchained gets a release date

The Weinstein Company has announced that their Xmas gift to the world next year will be Quentin Tarantino's upcoming movie, Django Unchained, which is currently casting. 

Mars500 crew ready to land

After 230 days in isolation, an international team is about to 'land' on Mars.

Was the Star of Bethlehem really a star?

According to the New Testament, the guiding light that led the failthful to the birth of baby Jesus was the Star of Bethlehem.

Christmas Yule Log to air in 3D for first time

To countless Americans, watching the perpetually burning Yule Log on TV is a Christmas tradition, and this year it's getting a high-tech makeover.

Angry Birds get festive makeover

Rovio's promising a Christmas edition of Angry Birds, saying it will be offered as a free upgrade to the Halloween version.

Amazon app makes you take a second look for holiday shopping

When you're at the mall and you see that "whoa, that's cool" gift, stop for a minute. Could you get it cheaper online? That's the kind of point-of-purchase question wants you to be asking, and it's why the online retailer has just launched a new iPhone app.

Most break-ups happen in December, Facebook data shows

Make the most of the next couple of weeks with your girlfriend; she may not be around much longer than that.

Christmas Is Coming: PC Shopping Guide

In the last time I got vast amounts of email with questions or recommendation requests