Report: Dark Knight Rises is "epic"

As we all know by now, the Internet is not the most reliable source of accurate information, and can be exploited to quickly spread rumors - whether they are true or not.

IMAX: From Dark Knight to Star Trek 2

IMAX was given a big boost when Chris Nolan used the format in the original Dark Knight alongside regular 35mm footage.

The Batmobile goes on tour

When Chris Nolan took over the Batman franchise, one of the most interesting changes he made was to the Batmobile. 

No, Batman isn't going Hi-Def

It's hard time for hardcore film fans. 

Celluloid definitely looks better than Hi-Def, most cinema fans agree on this, but it won't be long before they stop making film altogether, and it's going to be a sad day when that happens. 

Getting underneath Catwoman's skin

The Dark Knight Rises - which hits theaters on July 20 - is one of the biggest events in geekdom this year.  

The Dark Knight is under pressure

Is there pressure coming up with another Batman movie, especially when the last one set the bar incredibly high? What do you think? Of course there's pressure! 

Will Chris Nolan be in the zone post Batman?

Recently there’s been much speculation about what Christian Bale will be doing once the Dark Knight franchise ends next July.

Can Star Trek 2 hit warp 10?

It used to be a given that most sequels couldn't live up to the originals. Then again, the bar has been set rather high for sequels in recent years.