The first trailer is out for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Robert Friggin' Redford is in this! Scarlett Johansson, Sam Jackson, and Chris Evans. I mean, this looks pretty cool. The first Captain America was a little flat and geezer-y, but this looks completely different. And, Robert Redford still rocks with the charisma thing.

The Avengers trailer is here

Marvel and Paramount Pictures have released the first official trailer for their upcoming ensemble superhero film, The Avengers.

Captain America's superhero anxiety

With the Captain America film living up to expectations, and the character coming back in next year's Avengers, Chris Evans is now officially a star, which he's admitted he's a bit nervous about. 

James Franco and the sad state of celebrity journalism

Recently, TG Daily ran a story where we pleaded for the end of celebrity journalism, because it's really just getting ridiculous.

Captain America in Harry Potter slap down

There's been a lot of speculation lately as to whether superhero movies still had life in them or not, with Captain America being the latest Marvel franchise, and the last superhero movie of the summer.

On Captain America and Harry Potter

It's a big weekend for comic heroes and all things geek with Comic Con, and Captain America hitting the screen, going up against the box office juggernaut of Harry Potter.

Captain America - we all want what we can't have

Actor Chris Evans says he initially resisted the role of Captain America. Many times, in fact.

Has vapid celebrity journalism hit bottom?

Pop quiz hot shot, what's the last celebrity profile you've read?