Amazon Launches Its New Series of Series

We’ve reported on TGD that Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, is back with a new show, The After, and Amazon’s got him. They’re launching the pilot, and hopefully a full series will soon grow from it if it catches on with audiences. 

Chris Carter's Back With The After

With the X-Files, Chris Carter became a household name, and a name synonymous with great genre storytelling. Now he’s back with a new show, The After. The verdict so far? 

X-Files Reunion Rumors Persist

We geeks all remember when The X-Files was the hottest thing on TV, and it was one of those genre shows that managed to crossover to a lot of people, not just sci-fi fans. Producer Chris Carter, who created The X-Files, will soon be back on TV with The After, and there has also been some speculation lately, or at least wishful thinking, about a possible Files reunion.  

X-Files master Chris Carter is ready for more genre TV

After nearly a decade without a project, Chris Carter has an idea for a new show.

Henriksen wants a Millennium film

The star of the classic X-Files spin-off serial, which only lasted three seasons on Fox in the late 90’s, reveals that a Millenium film may be in the works.

Gillian Anderson: I'm ready for X-Files 3

Gillian Anderson - aka special agent Dana Scully - says she is ready to reprise her role in a third X-Files film.