Bending the light with a tiny chip

Imagine that you are in a meeting with coworkers or at a gathering of friends. You pull out your cell phone to show a presentation or a video on YouTube. But you don't use the tiny screen; your phone projects a bright, clear image onto a wall or a big screen. Such a technology may be on its way, thanks to a new light-bending silicon chip developed by researchers at Caltech.

Connecting the classical and quantum worlds

How does a classical temperature form in the quantum world? An experiment at the Vienna University of Technology has directly observed the emergence and the spreading of a temperature in a quantum system.

Mobile wars poised to enter a new phase

Analyst Jack Gold believes the industry is currently experiencing the "preliminary battles" of a coming mobile chip brand war that could significantly alter the way consumers purchase mobile devices.

MIT chip makes photos look better

Smartphone snapshots could be instantly converted into perfectly-lit professional-looking photographs, thanks to a processor chip developed at MIT.

Microchip moves data in 3D

University of Cambridge scientists have created a new type of microchip which allows information to travel in three dimensions for the first time.

Silicon Image debuts wireless streaming chip

A company known as Silicon Image has unveiled what it claims to be the industry's first single-chip, ultra-low power 60 GHz WirelessHD mobile transmitter specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

Fancy a phone equipped with radar?

Radar could start appearing in a far wider range of devices, including cellphones, thanks to the invention of a fingernail-sized chip package costing just over a dollar.

ARM debuts Cortex-A50 chip lineup

ARM debuted its Cortex-A50 processor series at an event this morning in San Francisco. 

Apple's Lightning cable cloned

A Chinese company says it's been able to crack the microchip inside Apple's Lightning cable, allowing it to sell a low-cost version of the cable and dock.

Report: Chinese built US military chip has a back door

A number of legislators have expressed concern in recent years over the use of Chinese manfauctured electronic components in US military hardware.

TSMC wants 20nm Apple chips

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is reportedly investing $700 million in 20-nanometer chip technology to prepare for a possible deal with Apple in 2014.

Quantum photonic chip created

Scientists have created a multi-purpose photonic chip that they say paves the way for programmable quantum processors.

Blood analysis chip detects diseases in minutes

A big step forward in microfluidics has helped researchers develop stand-alone, self-powered chips that can diagnose diseases within minutes.

Consortium demonstrates self-repairing chip

European consortium Crisp says it's created a self-testing and self-repairing chip that can test cores and connections, with a resource manager dynamically assigning the chip’s tasks to fault-free parts.

IBM hits terabit speeds with new chip technique

IBM has developed a new chip technology that integrates electrical and optical devices on the same piece of silicon, enabling data transfer using pulses of light.

Intel eyes 1,000-core processor

A prototype Intel chip that currently contains 48 cores could eventually be transformed into a 1,000-core processor.

Retinal implant restores sight to the blind

German scientists have developed a chip which can be implanted behind the retina to restore sight to blind people.

Report: Apple may ditch Infineon for Qualcomm

Apple may be preparing to equip its next-gen iPhone with a baseband chip from Qualcomm, rather than Infineon.

IBM launches world's "fastest" computer chip

IBM is slated to ship the world's "fastest" computer chip on September 10th. But what will the 5.2 GHz microprocessor be used for?

Team develops 'pacemaker for the brain'

Israeli cientists have developed an implantable  chip that delivers precise stimulation to control disorders such as depression or Parkinson's disease.