This Chinese city is going green

Where you live can have a big impact on your health. Bad air quality, a lack of green space, or too much soul-crushing traffic, and your physical and emotional health can take a nosedive. The terrible thing is, we’re so used to these problems, that we consider them normal, and completely ignore the way they make us feel.

Chinese man builds 'iPad' from scrap parts

People will do a lot for an iPad - even sell a kidney, if reports are to be believed. But one Chinese man has taken a different approach - he's built one himself.

Report: Chinese government installs spying devices on Hong Kong cars

Beijing is allegedly using audio spying devices on dual-plate Chinese-Hong Kong vehicles to gather information.

Mandarin Chinese will be the language of interstellar travel

As China prepares to overtake the United States as the world's economic superpower, it is quite clear to me that Mandarin Chinese - rather than American English - will be the language of interstellar travel.

"Supreme Commander" arrested for creating phantom U.S. Army unit

A resident of a Los Angeles suburb was recently arrested on charges of creating a phantom army unit to extort money from Chinese nationals.

Trojan can take over Android phones

A new and very sophisticated Trojan is hitting Android devices in China and endangering users worldwide.

Report: Hackers targeted Google password system

The recent Chinese cyber offensive against Google may have also compromised a password system that controls access to almost all the company's web services, including e-mail and business apps.

Intel details Tunnel Creek SoC at IDF Beijing

Intel has detailed its next-gen Atom-based SoC. The chip - codenamed "Tunnel Creek" - is being prepped for deployment in vehicle-infotainment and IP media phones.