Brazen hacker tries to sell iTunes accounts online

It's the equivalent of trying to commit a crime in broad daylight, so it's not surprising that it took only a short amount of time for Chinese officials to react to the sale of stolen ITunes accounts on a Chinese e-tailer.

China's military tech advances as America stagnates

Beijing has unveiled a sophisticated stealth jet fighter that is reportedly light-years ahead of Lockheed Martin's F-22 Raptor.

This Chinese bullet train goes hella fast

Chinese high speed rail development once again looks to be outpacing much of the rest of the world - hitting the locomotive equivalent of a clean energy "Sputnik moment" - via news of another bullet train record being broken.

China launches hydrogen powered train

Recently, we reported on China's new bullet train, thought to be the fastest in the world.

Will Torrent sites find refuge in China?

The recent seizure of Torrent domains by the US Department of Homeland Security has prompted numerous site owners to register in alternative locations.

Is this our clean energy Sputnik moment?

Steven Chu is dropping the S-bomb. That's right: The U.S. Energy secretary is invoking Sputnik in describing the challenge the country faces from China's clean-energy drive.

China promises to step up action on piracy

The world's greatest user of pirated software, China, has announced it is to crack down on piracy by ensuring that all government offices are using legitimate software.

Chinese passports get microchipped

The Chinese government is rolling out the country’s first electronic passports.

Chinese man plays PC game on 80,000-square-foot screen

This guy really loves his games. To play an online MMO for just 10 minutes on the world's second largest LED screen, he had to dole out around $15,000.

Nvidia: US steadily losing supercomputer race

A high-ranking Nvidia exec has warned that "lackluster" investment in supercomputing could cause the US to lose its technological edge over China.

China says it will not be stingy with its rare earth

Beijing has moved to assuage international concerns over new restrictions imposed on the export of rare earth materials used in the manufacture of computers, lasers, missiles and superconductors.

World's fastest supercomputer makes debut in China

China has knocked the US off the top spot with the unveiling of a the most powerful supercomputer in the  world.

China cracks down on rare earth exports

A wary Beijing is eyeing new restrictions on the export of "rare earth" materials used in the manufacture of low-carbon energy technologies.

Second Chinese lunar probe set for launch tonight

The Chinese National Space Administration says its Chang'e-2 lunar probe is ready for launch tonight from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center (XSLC) in Sichuan province.

Internet addict beaten to death in Chinese boot camp

A strung out Internet addict has been beaten to death at a boot camp for troubled youths in China. 

iPhone 4 sells out in China

China Unicom has confirmed that its current stock of iPhone 4 handsets is "currently insufficient" to meet user demand.

China to open its doors to the iPhone 4 on Saturday

Apple will be getting a Chinese stamp in its passport yet again as it plans to launch the iPhone 4 in the gigantic nation this Saturday.

China gets iPad on Friday, no 3G in sight

An enormous mass of people with a growing hunger for the latest tech gadgets may soon be getting their hands on one of the most important devices this year. It'll come at a high cost, though.

DoD warns of growing Sino cyber threat

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has expressed concern over China's rapidly evolving cyber-warfare capabilities.

Apple prepares to tackle China with iPad, iPhone 4

Apple has its eyes on the billion-plus people in China as the latest way to add to the tally of iPhone 4 and iPad sales, but it will have to overcome the lawlessness and poverty stricken throughout the giant country.