Chaotic fight erupts in China over iPhone launch

The launch of the white iPhone 4 in China turned into an all-out brawl that left an Apple Store damaged and forced closed for an entire day.

China greets iPad 2 with scalpers, long lines

The iPad 2 has officially gone on sale in China.

China's energy consumption should stabilize soon

Despite the way China's economy continues to expand, its energy use is likely to level off in the next couple of decades, say researchers at Berkeley Lab.

China aims to complete space station within the next decade

China's announced the details of its plans  for a space station - and says it should be finished within the next ten years.

Discrete graphics all the rage in China

PCs loaded with discrete graphics technology are quite popular in China, with a current attach rate of approximately 80%.

Sting op takes out audio counterfeiting ring

Anyone who has visited New York City knows about Canal Street, which is infamous for its knock-off jewelry and handbags. But the market for knock-offs certainly doesn’t end at Tiffany’s and Chanel.

Razer Switchblade will launch in China first

Gone are the days when cool new products launched first in the U.S. or Japan and then hit the global marketplace.

China accelerates high speed rail build out

President Obama’s dream of high speed rail (HSR) in the U.S. may have been gutted for the year as part of federal budget deals, but other parts of the world continue to march forward with their plans. 

Report: Virtual goods have positive effect on real world countries

If you thought gaming was just for personal enjoyment, well, think again.

Rumor: Facebook finally headed to China

Could it be true? Is Facebook really heading to China?

Google challenges Great Firewall, maintains some traction in China

Only a year ago, Beijing threatened to kick Google permanently out of China over a disagreement over censorship laws.

Android SkyNet invades China

iDreamsky is launching a social gaming and distribution platform for Android titles in the Chinese market.

China soon to overtake US as world's scientific superpower

China is set to overtake the US as the world's scientific 'superpower' as early as 2013, a major study from the UK's Royal Society has concluded.

Chinese government blocking Gmail, Google claims

Google's accused the Chinese government of blocking its Gmail service, making it difficult for local users to access the site.

Beijing wants to monitor your cell phone

A hot topic in the United States is the issue of technology and privacy. Whether it’s Facebook, location-based check-ins, or sharing GPS information, privacy is a much debated topic.

China to launch Martian lander in 2013

China is set to launch a Martian lander as early as 2013, according to state news agency Xinhua.

Chinese "Night Dragon" hackers target Western energy firms

Hackers based in China appear to have launched a "coordinated, covert and targeted" campaign of cyber espionage against a number of prominent Western energy firms.

China gives parents control over kids' gaming

Distressed by reports of an epidemic of video game playing, China's Ministry of Culture will next month launch a 'parental watch program' designed to crack down on games-obsessed kids.

GE: China deals will boost U.S. jobs

Thousands of jobs and lots of money in exports - according to General Electric, that's the payoff for the U.S. economy from five joint ventures the company plans to do with Chinese partners. 

China in Android malware crackdown

Beijing has kicked off a crackdown against handset vendors deliberately distributing Android-powered mobile phones infected with stealth malware.