Leaked data points to Sino-cyber espionage ring

A massive Pastebin dump of domain names and IP addresses appears to be linked to a Sino-cyber espionage ring.

Why China is the new Silicon Valley

There is a deeply ingrained mindset among those who work in China's increasingly hot technology sector that foreign Internet companies are doomed to fail here.

Chinese neutrino experiment up and running

Two new detectors in China have started recording the interaction of antineutrinos in an experiment that could help explain why matter predominates over antimatter in the universe.

Introducing... the HiPhone 5?

Recently, reports surfaced of an Apple iPhone 5 miraculously emerging in China. 

China says it's a big cybercrime victim too

Well, doesn't your heart just bleed. China's claiming that, last year, it was the victim of nearly half a million cyberattacks.

Massive series of cyberattacks uncovered

More than 70 companies and government organizations have been hacked as part of a global espionage campaign, security firm McAfee claims.

Chinese bars told to snoop on customers' Wifi use

China's ordering bars, cafes and other places offering free Wifi access to monitor their customers' online activities, according to state media.

South Korea blames Chinese hackers over massive data theft

South Korea is blaming Chinese hackers for stealing data from 35 million accounts on two websites: Cyworld, a popular social networking platform, and Nate, a web portal.

Are spymasters targeting hacktivists?

With more and more cyber attacks against governments and corporations, there is a growing belief that hackers could be potentially be exploited or actively recruited by various government entities.

Chinese couple sell children to feed game addiction

Chinese authorities have unraveled a strange case about video game addiction gone very awry.

Zynga and Tencent release online game in China

The social gaming company Zynga has brought its gaming services to China in a partnership with the Chinese Internet service Tencent. Their first game is titled "Zynga City."

Chinese sub dives over 5,000 meters

Following a successful test dive in the Pacific, Chinese scientists say they're on course to complete one of the world's deepest ever dives next year.

China's Alibaba to launch mobile OS

Chinese e-commerce leader Alibaba recently announced plans to launch a mobile operating system. They want to join Google and Apple in the market for smartphone software.

China finds 5 fake Apple stores in one city

Chinese authorities have discovered more fake Apple stores. The city of Kunming happens to have five of them.

China is working on pulse weapons

China is working on electromagnetic pulse weapons that it could use against U.S. aircraft carriers if there is a future conflict over Taiwan. Is China itching for a fight?

Nepal plans new measurement of Mount Everest

Nepal's to carry out its own calculation of the height of Mount Everest, aiming to settle a long-running disagreement with China.

Wind power capacity to triple by 2017

The world's total wind power capacity, including both onshore and offshore projects, will triple by 2017, cleantech analyst Pike Research says in a new report.

China want to explore the Moon, Venus and Mars

In light of last week's final NASA space shuttle launch, Beijing is stepping up to the plate with aspirations of exploring the Moon, Venus and Mars.

China takes lead in renewable energy investment

China's now the world's biggest investor in green energy, according to the latest annual report on renewable energy investment trends from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

Rumor: China wants a piece of Facebook

Yes folks, you read that right. 

It seems a Chinese sovereign fund has contacted Citibank and a former Facebook employ requesting help to purchase a not so "huge chunk" of the popular social networking site.