Russia and China accused of cyber espionage

A US government report has accused entities in Russia and China of engaging in cyber espionage to obtain sensitive economic data and technology. 

Hacker hits chemical and defense firms

Hackers have hit dozens of companies in the chemical industry and defense sector, and snaffled company secrets, according to a report from Symantec.

China prepares for first space docking

China's successfully launched its Shenzhou 8 unmanned spacecraft, which is now on its way to the Tiangong-1 experimental module.

China's Shenzhou 8 to dock with Tiangong 1 module

China is slated to launch an unmanned spacecraft in November that will dock with the orbiting Tiangong-1 (Heavenly Palace) experimental module.

China may have hacked US satellites

A US congressional commission has confirmed that hackers "interfered" with two government satellites between 2007-2008 via a Norwegian ground station.

China fires back over SolarWorld issue

China and U.S. solar manufacturers are trading shots in the wake of the SolarWorld-led effort to slap big tariffs on Chinese imports of crystalline silicon solar panels. 

China launches Tiangong-1 into orbit

China's Tiangong-1 (Heavenly Palace) module was successfully lofted into orbit by a Long March-2FT1 rocket Thursday evening.

China preps Tiangong-1 for launch

China is ready to launch its Tiangong-1 (Heavenly Palace) unmanned space module on Thursday evening after injecting fuel into the Long March-2FT1 carrier rocket.

China moves ahead with space station plans

China remains on track to launch an unmanned test module into orbit via its Long March II-F rocket sometime next week.

Half world's PC users steal most of their software

Nearly half the world’s PC users get most or all of their software illegally, according to the Business Software Alliance - twice as many in some developing countries.

Dell gets serious about China with Baidu deal

Dell is signaling that it is serious about tapping the lucrative Chinese market by clinching a deal with Baidu to jointly develop tablet computers and mobile phones.

Apple to open flagship Hong Kong store

Apple's retail expansion into China continues to blossom, as the company is now targeting Hong Kong as the next location.

Wave-powered generator ready for prime time?

SDE Energy, the manufacturer of a wave-powered hydraulic generator, claims its technology can produce electricity cheaper than other renewables.

Russia rolls back space aspirations

The recent crash of an ISS-bound space freighter has prompted Russia to consider the possibility of ending its permanent human presence in space. 

China teases military CyOps

China's official military channel (CCTV-7) recently provided a six-second glimpse into the country's enigmatic cyber capabilities.

Say hello to granny

Paleontologists have unearthed the fossilized remains of a creature that they say may be the ancestor of all placental mammals on Earth today.

Chinese TV airs clip of cyberattack in progress

A TV program on a channel run by the Chinese government appears to have accidentally shown a military institute launching a cyber attack.

PC sales ramp up in China as America stagnates

China has reportedly overtaken the U.S. as the largest personal-computer market while America struggles to extricate itself from a self-imposed economic quagmire. 

China gets serious about solar energy

Earlier this month, the Chinese government announced plans to establish its first nationwide feed-in tariff (FIT) for solar projects. 

Apple dethrones Lenovo in China sales

Despite Lenovo's continuous growth in the rapidly expanding Chinese PC market, it wasn't enough to keep Apple from briskly leapfrogging to the top spot.