Chinese fossils may be new human species

Fossils discovered in south-west China may represent a new species of human, living as recently as 11,500 years ago.   

This floating city is our green future 

Imagine an eco-friendly skyscraper. Now, imagine it floating in the air.

What words get you censored in China?

Carnegie Mellon University researchers have analyzed millions of Chinese microblogs to discover exactly what terms are being censored.

Chinese man is Apple's 25 billionth app downloader

You couldn't have asked for anything more symbolic to represent Apple's recent growth.

Proview sues Apple on its home turf

Chinese firm Proview, which claims it owns the iPad name in the country, has taken its case to the US by filing a suit in a California court.

China's Proview seeks to halt iPad exports

China's Proview is reportedly trying to block shipments of Apple iPads in and out of the country as part of its trademark dispute.

Are we on track to stop climate change?

Not every problem can be solved by throwing more money at it, but climate change is one of them.

China now has 500+ million online users

There has been an enormous explosion in the number of Chinese citizens who now have access to the Internet.

Apple store pelted with eggs

Apple's suspended retail sales of the iPhone 4S in China, after its Beijing store was pelted with eggs by unhappy would-be customers.

Is the X-37B space plane spying on China?

A new report indicates that the X-37B - a top-secret space plane operated by the US Air Force - may be spying on China.

Turbine market forecast to spin to $96 billion

You can expect to see a lot more wind power plants popping up across the US and the rest of the world in the next five years.

China lays out five-year space plan

China's released a white paper setting out its plans to accelerate space activities over the next five years.

3D TV wanes in the United States

3D TV may be quite popular in Western Europe and China, but interest in the evolving format seems to be waning in North America.

Goodbye washing machine: self-cleaning cotton created

Doing the laundry's about to get easier. Forget the whole washing part: all we'll need to do is peg our clothes out on the line or hang them over the balcony railing.

Apple loses iPad trademark in China

Apple's lost a trademark dispute in China, meaning it may have to find a new name for the iPad if it wants to continue selling the device in the country.

China is now leading smartphone market

There are now more smartphones being shipped to China than any other country.

Apple App Store now accepts Chinese yuan

In what is a key push forward in its mission to rake in money from China, Apple now allows customers to pay for App Store purchases with yuan.

China's Shenzhou-8 lands successfully in Mongolia

China's successfully recovered its unmanned Shenzhou-8 spacecraft, following its docking with the country's fledgling space station Tiangong-1.

High-speed rail is booming

High-speed rail (HSR) isn’t without its problem – as train wrecks in China and financial wrecks in California have shown. 

Chinese firms agree to step up net censorship

The top Chinese internet forms have agreed to increase the regulation of their services at the government's request.