Thinking about thinking not limited to humans

Chimpanzees apparently possess metacognitive abilities - as the primates are capable of thinking about thinking.

Chimpanzees have sense of fair play

Chimps have the same sense of fairness as human beings, say researchers who played the Ultimatum game with them - the first time the trait's been observed in a non-human species.

Chimps teach each other to 'shake hands'

Chimpanzees engage in social traditions which they pass on to the next generation, new research shows.

Chimps may have theory of mind

Chimpanzees avoid telling their friends the bleedin' obvious, new research shows.

Chimps exempted from almost all medical research

The US has significantly tightened its rules on the use of chimpanzees in medical research, ruling it out except for cases in which there's no other valid testing method.

'Junk DNA' makes us different from chimps

It was a bit of a surprise for scientists to discover just how similar human and chimpanzee DNA is - and left them scratching their heads to explain the enormous physiological differences between the two species.

Never give a chimp a short pint

Chimps can tell the difference between different volumes of liquid, even when the bartender hides his actions.