The gaze of Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and The Huntsman sticks to the original tale pretty closely, finding ways to work in each classic element, while adding its own tidbits like a good adaptation should. Unfortunately, it feels like it tries a bit too hard.

Prometheus featurette shows off Theron

20th Century Fox has released a new featurette for its  upcoming sci-fi adventure thriller, Prometheus, which details the Merideth Vickers character, played by Charlize Theron.

Agent 13 headed to the silver screen

Universal is in the closing stages of a deal for the film adaptation of Agent 13, a 1988 sci-fi action comic book.

The characters of Prometheus

Prometheus is set in the same universe as Alien. However, the upcoming film is neither a sequel nor prequel, but rather, a different story which takes place before the events of the Alien franchise.

Prometheus details finally emerge

Ridley Scott’s new film actually has a full cast and synopsis.

Noomi Rapace says she is stoked for Ridley's Prometheus

The girl with the dragon tattoo - aka Noomi Rapace - says she is excited about assuming the role of Elizabeth Shaw in Ridley Scott's hotly anticipated "Prometheus" film.