Traffic surges as Bieber joins Instagram

If you have Bieber Fever like me, you'll be happy to know that Justin Bieber just sent out his first photo using the popular Instagram photo service. FOLLOWED.

Jersey Shore and the blight of reality TV

I have to preface this story by saying I'm obviously biased. I'm not a fan of reality TV, and have been holding my head in pain over it for years. 

A real Sheenius move

I thought I was doing a pretty good job of avoiding the whole Charlie Sheen mess, I really was, but this was too ridiculous to pass up. 

Sheen's "A Piece of My Mind" hits $2,500 on e-Bay

Twenty years ago, a rather introspective (but hardly sober) Charlie Sheen self-published a book of poetry entitled "A Peace of My Mind."

Are we experiencing Charlie Sheen overload?

Like any good Internet meme, there comes a point of saturation where sheer delight turns to absolute disgust and overload. Take that sheer disgust and multiply it by three and there you have it: Charlie Sheen.

Now you never need see Charlie Sheen again

Some people just have to swim against the current. And while it seems most of us just can't get enough of reading about that exemplar of tolerance and good taste, Charlie Sheen, others are not so enthusiastic.

Charlie Sheen's wild Twitter ride

While Charlie Sheen is grabbing the headlines searching for Two and Half Men, he somehow found two goddesses and an account on Twitter.

Was Ashton Kutcher's Twitter hack a publicity stunt?

Alleged fame-whore and Twitter celeb Ashton Kutcher is fighting for his space on the corner these days because there’s a new man in town: Charlie Sheen.

Are Charlie Sheen's TwitPics worth $1600?

Charlie Sheen is officially on Twitter mostly because he is "tired of pretending [he’s] not a bit**ing rockstar from Mars." Me too Sheen, me too.

Charlie Sheen joins Twitter. Winning!

Not content with all the media coverage he has been receiving for the last few days, Charlie Sheen is looking to get his word out directly to the world, thanks to his newly formed Twitter account.