Fifty Shades of Grey Makes a Sexy Release Date Shift

In the last several days, there have been a number of movies shifting around their release dates, including The Fantastic Four, the long awaited sequel to Independence Day, as well as Assassin’s Creed. Now it looks like Fifty Shades of Grey is moving its release date as well, and another sexy title could be moving in its place. 

Charlie Hunnam is Out of Fifty Shades of Grey

It was one of the most controversial casting decisions in recent memory, and now it’s fallen apart. Charlie Hunnam is out as Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Defending the Fifty Shades of Grey Casting

Should Fans Stop Worrying and Love the Cast? Sonny Crockett's daughter and Jax Teller don't cut it?

Fifty Shades of Grey Fans Revolt Over Casting News

And you thought people were upset about Ben Affleck playing Batman. While I haven’t read the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, I’m glad the book is out there, because it’s helped keep the book business alive. The world of literature, just like everything else in this economy, has taken a hard hit, and Fifty Shades is one of those phenomenons like Harry Potter that has helped save the book biz from collapsing.