Manually charging your iPhone with Mipwr

Back-up batteries and solar chargers are fine, but if you’re in a real emergency where phone power is a must, both can be cumbersome and time-consuming. A new gadget on Kickstarter clears through the clutter and puts the power back in your hands–literally.

This LED lamp charges your phone with salt water

Finding a way to provide light and power to those in developing nations is challenging. 

Century-old battery technology given new life

Nickel-iron batteries, a rechargeable technology developed by Thomas Edison more than a century ago, have been largely out of favor since the 1970s - until now.

Device screens act as solar chargers

Soon, devices such as phones and laptops could charge themselves thanks to displays that double as solar cells.

'Topiary' suspect named and charged

The British hacking suspect arrested last week has been named as 18-year-old Jake Davis, from the remote Shetland island of Yell.

Festival music charges mobile phones

British festival-goers this summer no longer need to worry about charging their phones - as long, that is, as they're not too bothered about their eardrums either.

MIT battery could revolutionize electric cars

MIT reckons it's overcome one of the biggest barriers to the acceptance of electric cars - the time it takes recharging them - while at the same time halving the cost of batteries.

Phone needs charging? Just yell at it

As if it weren't irritating enough to have to listen to people on their mobile phones, a South Korean team has just given people an excuse to yell into them even more loudly.

New battery technology could let phones charge in minutes

Cellphones can recharge in a matter of minutes with a new battery technology developed by the Department of Energy and Vorbeck Materials.

Pedal power charges Nokia phones

Cyclists are often into renewable energy. It's obviously something Nokia has noticed, which is why it's launched a cellphone charger that draws its energy from the cyclist's pedal power.