Sexpot turns Sexbot in Sin City

When in Vegas, it’s always nice to come across a friendly face, which is why TG Daily was delighted to find Roxxxy the sex robot at the Adult Entertainment Expo this weekend, slumped on a couch looking a little fatigued from all the action.

Tegra talked out of CES finals

Despite his powerful gift of the gab, Nvidia’s Roy Taylor fell just short of winning CES’s prestigious “Last Gadget Standing” award for the firm’s sleek looking Tegra Tablet on Friday, as D-Link’s Boxee Box and Showwx’s Laser Pico Projector took joint first place.

Porn industry embraces immersive 3D technology

CES wasn’t the only show brimming over with 3D announcements this past week, with the Adult Entertainment Expo also bursting out of the box to bring 3D content into people’s living rooms, albeit in a slightly different shade of blue than James Cameron’s Avatar.

LG outlines the future of 3D entertainment

LG representative Axel Voosen told TG Daily it will take engineers at least three years to design fully functional 3D-capable displays that do not require viewers to wear a special pair of glasses.

Ron Jeremy: Violent video games are worse than porn

Adult film star Ron Jeremy has claimed that violent video games pose more of a danger to children than pornography.

Capcom showcases Lost Planet 2

Capcom offered TG Daily a sneak peek of the latest Lost Planet 2 build at a special CES 2010 demo held in the swanky Planet Hollywood hotel.

MSI launches Big Bang Fuzion motherboard

MSI has introduced a motherboard that allows gamers to simultaneously run multiple GPUs from different companies.

Intel WiMAX saves CES from offline doom

Covering CES can certainly be challenging enough without having to worry about staying online for more than three minutes at a time.

Cyberlink touts 3D Blu-ray experience

Cyberlink is showcasing its 3D Blu-ray platform at CES 2010.

Networks collapse@CES 2010

You would think that any Consumer Electronics show would have decent Wifi, and perhaps a proper press lounge or two, but the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year has neither.

Nokia gets a Greenpeace gong

Environmental organization Greenpeace has handed out glad green tidings for some tech companies and brickbats to others.

Moore's Law unnatural, proclaims Intel CEO

It took Intel CEO Paul Otellini only about a minute to mention Moore’s Law in his CES keynote on Thursday, remarking that the ‘law’ was “not a law of nature, but a law that reflects human inventiveness.”

Gaga goes gaga for Polaroid

Lady Gaga left her fans - and hordes of opportunistic photographers - waiting today as the popular pop diva arrived at the Polaroid conference over an hour fashionably late.

Plastic Logic joins the e-reader Que

Plastic Logic has introduced its long-awaited Que proReader at CES 2010.

Palm adds 3D gaming and Flash plug-in to webOS platform

Palm introduced 7 graphics-intensive games for its webOS mobile platform at CES 2010.

Vuzix debuts augmented reality eyewear

Vuzix has debuted an $800 pair of video eyewear that offers users access to 67-inch displays of mixed and augmented reality.

Spring Design showcases dual-screen Android e-reader

Spring Design is showcasing a $400 dual-screen Android-based e-reader at CES 2010.

Nvidia launches tablet "revolution" with next-gen Tegra processor

Nvidia has introduced its second-generation Tegra processor for mobile devices.   

Keep on, keep on taking the tablets

Shivering in a UK county that's only two degrees Celsius colder than the South Pole, I'm beginning to think that on the whole I'd rather be in Las Vegas.

CES - it's all a heap of crap

Opinion The foremost shock 'n' awe tech show in the world is a complete and utter waste of time.