Samsung's world's thinnest Blu-ray 3D player

Samsung always has a lot to show at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, but one of the most eye-popping things will be its introduction of the world's sleekest Blu-ray 3D player.

Verizon's 4G will be a CES headline

Sprint launched its 4G network early this year to a lot of fanfare. T-Mobile launched its one kind of under the radar. AT&T won't be ready until later into 2011. So when it comes to 4G at CES, Verizon will be the one that shines.

LG creates world's biggest 3D TV

Size does matter. At least in the world of consumer electronics. And LG wants to be the biggest dog in the kennel when it launches a massive, almost too-big-to-be-useful 72-inch 3D TV with all the trimmings.

HTC teases media with cryptic "4G" package

When it comes to garnering interest for CES, some companies are more creative than others. Some simply send out mass e-mails with their latest press releases and a blanket invitation for meetings. Then there are companies like HTC.

Verizon's first 4G phone might be a Motorola phone

Is it possible we could see a "Droid 4G"?

Will we see the PlayStation phone at CES? Signs points to no

CES. It's the world's launching pad for everything cool and noteworthy in the technology industry. But Sony seems to already have enough on its plate as it is, so it will not be showing off a PlayStation-centric mobile phone as many had hoped.

Toshiba ditches the glasses for next month's CES

When it comes to 3D, there's one stigma that some people just can't shake: wearing glasses. For the four-eyed phobias out there, Toshiba will be bringing its glasses-free commercial 3D TV to the states next month for the first time at CES.

Verizon confirms will make 4G announcements at CES

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but Verizon has confirmed the widely assumed this week, as we now know for sure the company will be showing off 4G products at next month's CES. That's thanks to a cutely-worded Tweet on Verizon's official Twitter account, which reads:

Google tells TV companies not to mention Google TV

Yikes. It was supposed to be one of the biggest stories at next month's huge CES trade show, but now Google is telling anyone who had a Google TV product planned in their lineup to no longer show it off, as it goes back to the drawing board to improve the software.

LG's very simply named "B" phone outed

Guess what, Apple? The iPhone 4 will have to step aside as the world's skinniest smartphone. There's a new entry from LG on the way, and in addition to having the slimmest name on the market, it'll also have the slimmest form factor.

Glasses-free 3D company wants to make a CES splash

3D is bigger and better than ever these days, and it doesn't take a genius to assume that next month's CES will have 3D displays at every corner, but the question is who will win - glasses-free 3D or the more universally accepted 3D tech with glasses required?

How and why Coca-Cola will be at CES

The last company you'd expect to see at CES is one like Coca-Cola. It doesn't exactly scream high-tech. But then again, maybe it does...

After a 16-year hiatus, Nintendo returns to CES in January

For 16 years, Nintendo has been one of the most notably absent companies at the Consumer Electronics Show, the world's biggest trade show that houses the latest and greatest in consumer technology.