The Weird Cool Stuff At CES 2014 That’ll Break The Bank

There were some obvious things that I have to have like the Seiki 4K 65” TV with HD up converting for around $2,000 . But, there were tons of unusual products that seemed to be working to drain my wallet even more quickly ranging from cars to home security systems.  Let’s talk about some of the ones I’ll likely buy. 

AMD at CES: Kaveri up for pre-order

AMD has announced that two of its A-series "Kaveri" chips are now available for preorder, and will be in the shops on January 14.

Sony's new phone can take a soaking

Sony's launched a new smartphone, the Xperia Z, that it says can be dunked in the bath for half an hour or more without experiencing any ill effects.

Self-driving cars to take the stage at CES

Toyota and Audi are set to announce self-driving cars at CES this week, indicating that the technology really may be about to hit the mainstream.

Polaroid launches 7-in Android tablet for kids

As part of its effort to rebrand and rebuild, Polaroid has launched an Android tablet aimed specifically at children.

Samsung teases 85-inch Ultra HD TV

Samsung is getting ready to showcase its giant 85-inch Ultra HD television at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. 

Kia touts Ray EV Concept at CES 2012

Over the last decade we have seen cars and technology start to converge significantly. 

Many vehicles are now packed with default tech you could only get with aftermarket accessories not too long ago.

The problem with Microsoft at CES

Like a lot of technophiles, I watched the keynote given by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to officially kick off CES. While I’m sure MS managed to pack the room, there was little you could take away that most didn’t already know.

Microsoft to ditch CES after 2012

It seems as if Microsoft has finally realized that the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is slowly becoming irrelevant.

Who needs CES when you have SXSW?

Less than a week after CES, tech fanbois and fangirlz are already talking about SXSW, the Austin, Texas-based festival that combines movies, music, and all things digital.

Intel's Mooly Eden and the best CES demos

I’m at CES this week and this is a demo show. The best events are those where the technology, not the executives, take center stage and the audience is in awe of what they are seeing.  

Is CES causing global warming?

The arrogant PR hacks working for the over-hyped Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas are claiming that "the world's coolest tradeshow is also the greenest."

AMD at CES: The ATI gamble pays off

Over the last several weeks I’ve been briefed on what most of the PC manufacturers are bringing to the Consumer Electronics show and a surprising amount of laptops are based on AMD Fusion.  

Report: MSI to launch Android and Win 7 tablets at Computex

MSI is reportedly planning to launch a number of Android and Windows 7 tablet devices at Computex in June.

iPhone and Blackberry take their deadly toll on Palm

Shares of Palm plummeted on Friday as the mobile phone manufacturer warned revenue for the current quarter would total far less than Wall Street had originally expected.

Ron Jeremy says pirating porn is immoral

Porn is not immoral, but piracy is, was the firm message being delivered by Adult industry star Ron Jeremy as he spoke to TG Daily in Las Vegas.

Big Brother is RFIDing you

One of the eerier, more big brotherish bits of tech on display at this year’s CES in Las Vegas was a "specimen" ID card from Samsung combining both RFID and OLED to produce biometric video of one’s floating, unsmiling head from all angles.

How CES almost made the iSlate and Nexus One irrelevant

Coming into the CES show Apple had a near lock on the news with speculation about their coming iSlate and just as the show started Google launched their Nexus One which looked like it might steal the show much as the iPhone did two years ago.  

Apple takes a bite out of LCD and OLED supply

An interesting rumor reached the ever alert ears of TG Daily's hacks on the CES showroom floor last week, with word that Apple has snapped up all available supply of 10.1-inch multi-touch display LCD and OLED screens for its upcoming tablet.

Nvidia holds clandestine Fermi briefing

The worst kept secret in Vegas is currently underway in the MGM Grand as Nvidia flew in a select group of hacks just as the rest of us journos jetted off home from the scintillating city of sin.